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    Some Interesting Pictures

    Thats My Dress For My Graduation, (Not Highschool Graduation!) My Friend Having Too Much Fun w/ My Mascara. My Level 6 Teamates & Me @ A End Of The Year Pool Party My *Odd* friend Eating My Lunch..... My Back Yard After This Winters Snow Fall Me In a Handstand My friend Sara and I Yeah I...
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    My Girlies!

    Hey guys I thought I would share some cute pictures of my two boxers Callie and Maxi. PLease do excuse the abnormally large pics.
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    Killi's Lifestyle & Bredding

    Hey! Thanks for taking the time to click on this page and attempt to answer a few of my questions. It started off with 2 killifish. They were both a stunning yellow color and soon grew to be even bigger and beautifull. After about a year one of them died yet the larger one continued to thrive...
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    Is This Safe? |Betta in Community|

    ???? Hola Everyone! I Hope I am posting this in the right forum, but by any chance I am not, please feel free to move this, Thank you. Now On to my question! I have a beautifull male betta that is currently housed in a 1 1/2 gallon bowl. I am quite sure the big guy's happy in there but I was...
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    :P Finally!! After waiting and saving for quite a long while, I got my Albino Bristlenose. He is adjusting well in his new tank yet hates the camera :/ Lol Anyways Anybody have any Suggestions for a happy bristlenose? I Know the fundementals just wondering if there are any Secrets. Thanks...
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    My Three Bettas!

    Hehe the Addiction Is Back! :hyper: lol Here are my three Bettas!
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    Posting Videos?

    Note: If This is In The Wrong Section I Apoligize In Advance. I Uploaded a Video Of My Fish From My Camera and I have It in a File. Now How Do I post It On This Forum, Or Post The Link to it?! Any Help Would Be Appreated, Thanks!
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    Oh So Talented Me!

    Well This is a picture of me in a Handstand that my cousin took, I have bad posture, but the pose I am in is called a 'Wolf' Yeah I am in my Pajamas lol
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    HoLiDaY PuPpIeS

    I mean, You have To Admit that Sometimes we go a *Little* Overboard. So Heres a Board where you can Post Pictures Of Your Pets wrapped In Lights, Or with a Holiday Hat on, Or Whatever you Choose. Here are my Two Boxers Thats Maxi ^^ Thats Callie ^^ So Post Your Pictures Here For Others To Enjoy
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    My Tired Lil' Baby!

    This is My Lil'....Well I would'nt call her little she is 113 pounds. Her name is Callie and she is a 5 year old Boxer. I caught her in the middle of a yawn, SoO Cute! lol
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    Fish Pictures!

    This is My Albino Tiger Oscar "Dante"
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    Un-Dyed JellyBeans, Any Info?

    I am Interested In Buying Maybe a Pair Of Un-Dyed JellyBeans. I have a 29 gallon tank which Is Cycling. I am wondering whatare the fundamentals of Keeping them and what would be an adequate feeding and how big do they get. Any Info is appretiated, Thanks! ~Scarlett
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    Lepoard Bushfish

    I am interested in buying one or two or a few of these beautifull fish. I have had some great info bestoed upon me but I still have a few questions. I have 2 killifish(about 3 inches each), 1 white tetra(about an inch), a Glass Catfish(about an inch and a half) and a Few catfish all over an...
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    {Candy Striped Pleco} Happy Birthday~

    :fish: Well My dad and I had gone to our lfs which happen to be Petco. There tanks are all horribaly infected with ich, along with all the fish, it broke my heart to see the dear Oscars dying of ich. I then noticed a small Pleco and as you should all know {I am a sucker for plecos}. He was the...
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    Some Info On Puffers?

    :P See I am a good Girl doing my research BEFORE hand! Anyways After a flood ripped through our furnished basement the room was now in serious need of repair! We are getting rid of a lot of stuff in there and my dad and I discussed putting up a new fish tank. He wants to put up a 55 gallon for...
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    An Old Flame, Betta Obsession?!

    ;) I used to have 7 betta bowls with a betta in each one but when on vacation My parents neglected them and killed them all. :byebye: So I just bought two new bettas so I can Open this Old Flame of Betta Obsession again, Enjoy!
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    Being Bored Can Bring Out The Photography In Us...

    Excuse the poor quality but I am not to great at taking pictures. This is My White High Fin Skirt Tetra
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    My Big Buff Guard Dogs!

    :flex: Here Are My Dogs, They are not really guard dogs but they act like it. This one is Callie, she is a boxer and 5 years old
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    Red Eared Sliders

    Here are two of them sitting on top of each other (I Have 3 by the way, Sparky, Lil Dude, and Tom)
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    FIshy Fish Fishy!! Come Look!

    Hey These are some Of My Many Pictures. I Have shakey hands and it's hard for me to take photographs so excuse the poor quality.