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  1. OliveFish05

    Tank untouched for 3.5 months..........Unbelievable.

    Wow, it sounds like you had a rough few months, I hope you are feeling better! Your tank looks really nice! What tank size is it? Those fish are lovely, what kind are they? The plants sure look to be doing well! I would trim back some of the tiger lotus, pull out any Java ferns you don’t like...
  2. OliveFish05

    75 Gallon Stocking Suggestions

    Depending on your GH, I would definitely go for more cory catfish. These are schooling fish, and will be more comfortable in a group. To find your GH, you can either buy a test kit, take a water sample to your LFS, or look on your water suppliers website or something
  3. OliveFish05

    White spot identification bristlenose

    It would depend on the cories I think, I know pandas don’t do as well with the higher temps. But generally, they do fine with the heat
  4. OliveFish05

    White spot identification bristlenose

    Or add a second AC50! That’s what I’ve got on my 55 gallon, in case one fails I still have a bit of backup to buy me time. Plus makes the tank look more symmetrical
  5. OliveFish05

    White spot identification bristlenose

    I agree it looks like ich. For treatment, you can raise the tank temp gradually to 86F and leave it there until a week after the last white spot disappears. At this point all the fish on the 40 tank have the potential of getting it, so I would put the pleco back and raise that tanks temp. Meds...
  6. OliveFish05

    Said goodbye to our beloved dog, Jack - feeling guilty as well as devastated.

    I am so sorry for your loss, that must've been so hard:-( All your friends here at TFF are thinking of you❤️
  7. OliveFish05

    Red ludiwig reopens

    I would not double dose, just one dose should be just right, then following the directions after each water change. Lady Di sounds lovely, I’m so glad you were able to save her!
  8. OliveFish05

    Red ludiwig reopens

    duckweed is very known for getting everywhere very fast, unless you create plant corrals like Sgooosh said! Floating plants are great though, they help a lot with water purity and such. Frogbit looks very nice, but isn't as small or invasive as duckweed!
  9. OliveFish05

    Red ludiwig reopens

    Glad I could help! It doesn't seem like the flourish could hurt, so long as you follow the directions!
  10. OliveFish05

    Red ludiwig reopens

    Hi! Sounds like a lovely tank! I personally have red ludwigia in my 55 gallon tank with a ton of amazon swords. I use flourish root tabs scattered under the plants, mostly aimed toward the swords, and the ludwigia does great. Mine are doing great without liquid fertilizer, though I am...
  11. OliveFish05

    Do you like my new tank?

    Ha! My first thought was “wait…. It’s been 5 years already?!!” *enter panic mode as I wonder where the last 3 years of my life went* :rofl:
  12. OliveFish05

    Do you like my new tank?

    July 2019 was just over two years ago😂 but still a very long time.
  13. OliveFish05

    Emergent planted tanks and Nitrates

    Water hyacinths have purple roots! They look cool, but not in every setup. I didn't know it when we bought some :rofl:
  14. OliveFish05

    Restarting my aquarium

    Live plants are wonderful additions to a tank! I think if you do the sand and gravel, they will mix and look a bit funny. Plants do best in sand (plus then you can have corydoras!). What kind of lighting does the tank have? What kind of plants have you tried in the past? Dependingon your...
  15. OliveFish05

    Rope fish white dots everywhere? (pls help)

    I agree it sounds and looks like ich! It is recommended to raise the tank temp gradually to 86F until 1 week after the last white spot disappears. Here is the forum's thread on what ich is. One stage of ich cannot be killed by heat, but...
  16. OliveFish05

    Roundworms in community tank, best treatment options? (Update: got some levamisole, now what?)

    Well I feel dumb! The website I bought the medication from has instructions, I didn't see it cause I was looking on the phone rather than the laptop
  17. OliveFish05

    Roundworms in community tank, best treatment options? (Update: got some levamisole, now what?)

    Alright, I got some levamisole! It came in the mail today. I didn't want to spend $25 plus shipping for 10 times the amount of medication I needed, and luckily found some levamisole in 10 gram increments from, so I bought 10 grams. I found this thread and figured I'd go off that...
  18. OliveFish05

    Divided 125 gallon betta tank

    a 125 gallon tank divided 13 ways would (assuming it is a standard 125) provide a 5 inch by 18 inch swimming space for each betta, with 21 inches of vertical space. To me, that doesn't sound ideal for scaping it, and bettas don't typically like super deep tanks.
  19. OliveFish05

    Betta not doing well, what can I do?

    Normally 20 wouldn't be enough to cause any concern, but since the test strips are known for being very inaccurate, I suppose it could be! I would keep the betta in his five gallon for now, so the other fish can't pick on him. How tall is it? You want him to be able to easily reach the surface...