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  1. kylealastairlove

    juwel HeliaLux lighting, worth it??

    I already posted about this but wasnt sure where to put it so it would be seen :p so im considering the new juwel LED HeliaLux lighting for my Juwel Lido 120, if anybody has experience with HeliaLux please help me here, or if anybody just has any knowledge on lighting (my knowledge, not so...
  2. kylealastairlove

    Juwel HeliaLux LED lighting?

    hi all, wanting to improve on my tank lighting, and im really taken by the idea of this new Juwel Helialux LED especially with the light control unit too! has anybody else looked into these? because i have a few questions and i dont know a whole load on the technical side of lighting. what i...
  3. kylealastairlove

    Aquascaping Tall/square Tanks

    show me what ya got!! ;) im rescaping my juwel lido soon and as always its a pain in the bottom to find a layout that works being as its pretty tall, ive came up with a few cool ideas in the past but i would like to see what you people have done if you have tall or square shaped tanks, i need...
  4. kylealastairlove

    What Lighting/combination Is Best ?

    im trying to find out as much as i can before i go for a massive re-scape soooo.. im unsure at what kind of lighting to use on my tank, i have a juwel lido and atm am using a plain and simple 'day' and a 'colour' tube as well  i dont know what combination to go with being as there is "day"...
  5. kylealastairlove

    Spray Bar Position?

    im not going to blab on this time promise :D do you think its best to put a spray bar across the back of the tank so it sprays to the front, or should i put it on one side of the tank ?? what do you think is best ? 
  6. kylealastairlove

    Paper Minecraft Project Thingy

    i take it you have all heard of minecraft ;) probably my most favorite game to ever exist, i think my life revolves around it everywhere i look i see blocks! haha  i didnt know whether to post this in computer zone or arts and crafts, guess it kind of counts as both but i was pretty bored and...
  7. kylealastairlove

    Help Me Find A Barb :)

    hey all!  not been on here in a looooong long time, but im glad to be back :) im gonna be honest i kinda lost interest a little and since have just kept a low maintenance tank, heavily overgrown with weeping moss and lots of platys. but! now i am more than ever wanting to throw myself back into...
  8. kylealastairlove

    Looking For A Suitable Plant

    hey :) im looking for a foreground/midground plant with flat round leaves to complete my setup, I was thinking of getting some hydrocotyle to put in my tank and was thinking anything similar to that would be great just as long as it doesn't grow tall because I am wanting to plant the foreground...
  9. kylealastairlove

    Complete Re-Start

    hi all :)   past few months I kind of lost interest in the whole aquascape/fishkeeping hobby, so (I really regret this decision) I took the whole tank down, passed on my fish emptied the tank and it was just sitting their in my room all lifeless. I had very little money to put into it and I just...
  10. kylealastairlove

    Fluval 106 Filter Questions

    hi there   just a question about the external fluval 106.   it says for aquariums up to 100 litres (mine Is 120) minus all of the wood and rock and substrate so it probably will be around 100 anyway but I wanted to ask would it be sufficient enough to run on a 120 litre? I don't want an overly...
  11. kylealastairlove

    Filtration Question

    just about had enough of the enormous filter block thing in my juwel tank I want to take it out and use a different kind of filter, which brings me to my question. I want to use a couple of H.O.B filters but will that be sufficient enough, i was worried there would not be enough flow through the...
  12. kylealastairlove

    Just A Drawing (:

    this is agnes from despicable me :) took me about 4 hours lol!  
  13. kylealastairlove

    My Dwarf Gourami Died :(

    just got home to my DG floating on the top of the tank :( not happy, I guess its down to the DG disease as his colour was just slowly fading to grey and he was being really lazy. my other fish are healthy so im putting it down to dwarf gourami disease had him about 6 or 7 months and he was...
  14. kylealastairlove

    Square/cube Shaped Tanks, Having Difficulty

    hi people, im not most pleased with my tank scape at the minute (juwel lido 120) as time goes by it seems that I find it harder to aquascape the tank after trying numerous things it gets a little irritating lol   I watched a vid on youtube of the build of james findley's aquascape called natures...
  15. kylealastairlove

    Hey Guys And Gals, Quick Question :)

    hey people, not been on here in so long, god I have missed this community :D haha everything is going well in the tank for now :)!! my fish are showing great colour and seem content! :) except for my dwarf gourami that is now I have heard that they all carry a certain disease but im not sure...
  16. kylealastairlove

    Rainbow Platys & Guppy [Free To Good Home :)] Leicester.

    Livestock: 2 adult female rainbow platys, 1 young male guppy (all red)  and lots of rainbow platy fry Quantity for sale: N/a Reason for Sale: tank becoming over crowded, lowering my livestock level Delivery or Collection: collection Sales price: FREE to a lovely new home :) Postage & Packaging...
  17. kylealastairlove

    Probably A Silly Question :p

    hi all, as the title suggests I feel like I might be asking a stupid question here but here goes anyway... do all brackish fish eventually have to be kept in marine/ saltwater conditions or can they be kept in brackish water for all their life ?  (I know there are some fish that do have to go to...
  18. kylealastairlove

    Lido 120 Again! Little Different Now

    hey guys :) its been a while since I uploaded any pics due to not having a good camera :( but yeah an opportunity came up and It was too good to miss my sister went out!! so I "borrowed" her camera, (she goes mad if I touch her camera lol!) so yeah I thought id get a few pics :) hehe full tank...
  19. kylealastairlove

    Can Anybody Reccomend Me A Camera ?

    so I would say im a bit of a photography 'noob' but I love taking pics, especially of landscapes trouble is though at the moment I only have a standard digital camera, a Kodak c613 to be exact and it doesn't seem to do justice on the pics I take they don't look anywhere near as good as they...
  20. kylealastairlove

    Scratch On Tank Glass :(

    was doing the routine maintenance on my tank and noticed a small scratch on the front of the tank, its on the inside, at first I presumed it was a hair stuck on the glass but when I reached in to rub it off it wouldn't come off, so yeah its pretty small only on the surface of the glass and is...