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    Various Plants For Sale

    £5 for what exactly the 10-15 crypts? or everything?
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    Grassy Plant Id

    Looks like dwarf hair grass. Its been cut at the front and left to grow at the back. I have made a carpet out out this and have just one tip. CO2
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    Cloudy Fish Tank Fish, Shrimps And Snails At Tip Of Tank.

    Firstly you should have cycled. Adding livestock so soon is harmful for them so in future take a look at the beginners centre on this forum. Secondly, shrimps are sensitive to any amounts of ammonia(fish waste) and nitrites that build up if a tank is not cycled. The cloudy water is indeed a...
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    Cheap Option For Co2?

    TNC do a small starter kit bit in the end, in terms of lifetime and base cost extinguisher
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    Can Fish Flakes Be Used Llong After Expiry Date?

    should be fine if stored in a dry place.
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    Java Fern Plantlets

    They should be fine as long as they aren't getting thrown around by the current.
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    Question About Changing Water!?

    If I hold water for top ups from evaporation I just leave some sit in a container overnight. Chlorine evaporates itself over time.
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    Using Fishless For The First Time

    Add stock slowly. 1-2 fish at a time. A huge amount added too soon will over-encumber the bacteria and possibly kill the fish.
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    Need A New Camera. Idea's?

    Lumix is a reputable company for good cameras
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    Where Can I Get These Nw

    Try mail ordering them from Tyne Valley aquatics
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    Ghost Shrimp

    Baby shrimp are very small. Half a centimetre mine are right now and if fish are present they will hide. Just give it time and try not to move the shrimp too much as any stress the female will abandon the eggs. Good Luck
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    Please Sign

    As the Human population rises there will always be times where something needs to be sacrificed to feed our expansion and need for electricity. This dam might be rejected but there will be many more situations like it.
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    30 Ltr Biorb

    Keep an eye of the Free Ads, there is usually one on there
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    Nitrite Emergency?

    I'm pretty sure that the bottled bacteria has traces of Nitrites in it too feed the bacteria when they enter your tank. Double dosing it could potentially mean you are adding it.
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    Cherry Shrimp Breeding Behavior?

    Before the saddle on the back moves towards the back of her body to become eggs the female will molt, like any shrimp a molt is a risky situation and they are at their most vulnerable. She is most probably hiding untill her new exoskeleton becomes hard.
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    Cleaning Tank While Cycling Help!

    The rotting food waste you are pulling up is the bacteria's primary source of food. EDIT: And that cloudy water is most probably a bacterial bloom.
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    My Juwel 600

    Hey Gavin nice looking tank, I have one myself. Have you ever thought about changing the Gravel? IMO A black substrate would bring the colours of the fish out my better.
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    Guppy Fry And Bloodworms...

    They should be fine on the flake. If you are that worried go out and buy some frozen Daphnia, fry love that.
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    Carpeting My Tank

    I would first go with some Dwarf Sag. It will form a carpet easily