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  1. itiwhetu

    Does Anybody Know Where is Colin

    Where is @Colin_T is there any way we can make sure that he is OK.
  2. itiwhetu

    Happy Birthday to me ( 60 )

    I am about to go to bed and when I wake up I will be 60. I would like to say that this is the most amazing hobby anyone can ever be involved in. For 46 years I have been apart of a fantastic group of people from all walks of life, brought together by their love of fish. Because this is my...
  3. itiwhetu

    Plant adventures.

    I have always been fascinated by the cross over between Aquatic and Terrestrial life. What Aquatic plants have you grown Terrestrially or vis versa. Anyhow I managed to get Cryptocoryne Affinis to flower and I am now trying to get Crypt Nana to do the same. The first photo is Crypt Nana growing...
  4. itiwhetu

    Alternative Food options you may suggest.

    I thought it might be interesting to see what members feed their fish when not feeding them the things we think about usually as food. For this thread maybe: Name the fish and then what interesting thing it enjoys eating. I have a couple to get things going Oscar: Ox Heart Grated...
  5. itiwhetu

    Word Limit on posts what do you think?

    I feel it is time for a word limit to be placed on posts, some of the reply's we are getting to simple questions are ridiculously long and way to hard to follow. Those replies destroy the flow of the thread and are purely self indulging for the people who post them. I was originally going to...
  6. itiwhetu

    Angel fish from the past

    Found this photo. This is a group of my breeding Angels. We don't seem to see them like this anymore. Note the under gravel filter. These fish would be separated when I wanted to breed them. Not paired for life as some say. They would hang together in this holding tank until I would remove them...
  7. itiwhetu

    Cycling Completed?

    Is there actually such a thing as a completely cycled tank? A tank that is going through the cycling process reaches a time when it can sustain life, a point where we add fish. But has the cycle been completed. No not really the tank keeps on changing Bacteria keeps growing and dying and...
  8. itiwhetu

    Why Bristlenose Pleco

    Why do people refer to Bristlenose Catfish as Plecos?. Considering they come from the Loricariidae Family, of which Plecostomus is one of the genera but doesn't include the Bristlenose which is an Ancistrus. I was wondering about the history of its name. We don't call Whiptail Catfish...
  9. itiwhetu

    Frustrating advice for newcomers to the fish world

    Ok, I'm in a Covid-19 lock down and have time to think. Tell us what is the most frustrating advice you get off this forum site. Hopefully that will help us so called experts or experienced fish keepers some idea of how to help those new to the hobby to become more confident and more informed. I...
  10. itiwhetu

    Clown Loach Survey

    Who keeps Clown Loaches around here. I am interested in knowing who has clown loaches in their tanks or has ever kept them. How big is the tank, How many fish, How large are the fish, How long have you had them. I have noticed that the Clown Loach discussion has come up again, mainly that...
  11. itiwhetu


    I would like members to consider the long term effect that the Macro and Micro ingredients present in fertilizers have on their fish. Be careful you may get your plants to grow but at the expense of your fish. This tank never had any Fertilizer added to it, it just relied on the fish population...
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    Do fish get constipated or is that that just a human thing that we put on to our fish? I feel that sometimes we use human diagnoses to describe conditions in our fish, are they accurate?
  13. itiwhetu

    New pond project

    One of our clients has been meaning to finish their pond for two years, two days later it is now in. Will post on this thread as it develops.
  14. itiwhetu

    West coast Flooding

    We are high and dry. But our neighbors are not so lucky. Even though the west coast gets a lot of rain this is exceptional...
  15. itiwhetu

    Fish and Plant Considerations

    I thought I would just write a little piece about fish and plants When purchasing plants you need to consider what fish you have and what plants those fish would like. There are many combinations but I will just mention the most common ones here. If your fishes mouth is facing up ( Bettas...
  16. itiwhetu

    450 Gallon tank what would you do

    So we don't clog up the other thread here is a new one for all your ideas of what to do in a tank that is 10 feet long 3 feet wide 2 feet high 450 gallons I have copied my reply to the other thread here, I have been thinking about what I would do with a project like this, and have decided I...
  17. itiwhetu

    Our Titles

    Is there a list somewhere that shows at what level our titles change. Eg. Fish Fanatic, Fish Gatherer, Fish Expert etc. etc.
  18. itiwhetu

    Extraordinary Fish Experiences

    Thought I would share a story with you. I had a friend who had a Giant Gourami, the Giant Gourami grow, He put a swimming pool in is garage to house the Giant Gourami. He had two fire eels he built a tank the length of the garage to house the fire eels. The wife moved out, he had a Giant...
  19. itiwhetu

    My home town

    Here is Hokitika. West coast South Island New Zealand, population 3500. Largest Business the Dairy Company. The towns main business is supporting farmers and goldminers and tourism. Post a photo of your town show us where you live.
  20. itiwhetu

    Isn't it great to be alive - Photos

    Post your photos that make you happy you are alive. Here is the Hokitika golf club 9 am Saturday morning, I have the whole course to myself. If you look just above the flag you can see the snow capped peak of Mount Cook, New Zealand's highest mountain