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  1. Noahs ark6

    What Do You Think?

    Hi guys. If you have any suggestions for improvement it'd be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Noahs ark6

    Work Experience- Pet Shop

    Hi I'm currently on day 3 of my 10 day work experience at ------------- (have an educated guess). There's plenty of rumours and storys about the quality of care, so aswell as enjoying my time there, i could have an insight of the care given (in one store at least). I'll give you the facts and...
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    A Good Road Bike?

    Hi. I want to start getting back into cycling and wondered if this bike is any good? My link:good:
  4. Noahs ark6

    Aquarium In The Lab

    Woooo My biology teacher wants an aquarium in the lab and i offered to set it up, aquascape, maintain e.t.c. I can't wait (mainly because i can run another tank without paying for anything :hyper: ) I'm not sure if she's wanting freshwater or marine, but i hope a freshwater :lol:
  5. Noahs ark6

    Diy Co2 Problem

    Hi Yesterday at about 4pm, i added 1/2 a teaspoon of yeast into a cup with lukewarm water and a bit of sugar to get it started. Was it meant to bubble and froth? 'cos mine didn't. I also added two cups of sugar into a bottle, filled 3/4 with lukewarm water, shaked, after 10 mins of stirring...
  6. Noahs ark6

    Diy Co2 Diffusion

    Hi I've set up my DIY CO2 and placed the output tube under a little powerhead as the diffusion method. The bubbles produced are relatively small, but is there any way to make them even smaller? Thanks EDIT- Just looking on youtube and it seems some people use cigarette filters, and it...
  7. Noahs ark6

    Marine Light On A Fresh Water Tank?

    Hello I recently bought a very cheap 20 litre and put it in the cabinet of my 125 litre. I'm wanting to grow java moss, and was wondering if java moss would grow under a marine light. It's an 18 watt wave solaris marine light. Thanks :good:
  8. Noahs ark6

    Aquatic Plants + Kelvins

    What is the ideal kelvin rate of bulbs for aquatic plants? Thanks
  9. Noahs ark6

    Roma 90 Journal

    Hello. Went to a fellow members yesterday and picked up a pristine Roma 90 for £75, couldn't be happier. Filter- All pond solutions 600lph internal Heater- Jad 50watt Substrate- Argos Play sand Lighting- 2X15w GLO bulbs Planned Hardscape- Mini aquascaping rock + redmoor wood Planned Flora-...
  10. Noahs ark6

    Petrified Wood Rock

    Hi Was wondering if any one has had any experience with Petrified Wood Rock. I'm getting a 90 ltr soon, and it's either this rock or Mini Landscaping Rock. Reccomendations and opinions would be appreciated :good: Thanks
  11. Noahs ark6

    Uuugggghhhh Dum People

    :angry: Well. I wanted to know if, i'll call it "Daves salt" contained elevated levels of calcium and magnesium to support a reef tank. SO i sent "Daves salt" an email, saying "Hello. Does the Daves salt (original one) still have enough trace elements such as calcium to sustain a reef...
  12. Noahs ark6

    Ro/di Unit

    Hello I was originally looking at This RO/DI unit, but have found This at a much cheaper price. How does it look to you guys? Also, would it work with these-...
  13. Noahs ark6

    A Question To The Reef Owner

    Hello I was wondering which Reef salt you use and would reccommend. Thankyou :good:
  14. Noahs ark6

    Acidic Water =(

    Hello I'm contemplating setting up a reef tank somewhere in the near future, but i have a question. My tap water is ph 6.5-7. I'm aware marine tanks prefer/need a higher PH, so am i still able to keep a marine tank (i dont want to use chemicals)? Does the live rock and sand naturally buffer...
  15. Noahs ark6

    Can You Starve Bacteria?

    Hello I recently moved a cut of media from a heavily stocked 125 litre to a lightly stocked 20 litre. I was wondering if , with the bacteria used to munching through alot of ammonia to only very little, would it not have enough ammonia and die? :good: thanks
  16. Noahs ark6

    Fertiliser Problems

    Hi I bought 1 litre of TNC fertiliser about 4 months ago. I'm using it quite slowly. Today I noticed that theres quite alot of white stuff forming at the bottom. It smells like lemon/lime sherbet???? Also, when i shake it quite violently (to see if it dissolved) it forms quite alot of bubbles...
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    Please Sign

    HI Please take one minute to sign a petition to stop a mega dam being built in the amazon. The construction of this dam would flood 400,000 acres of land and displace 40,000 indigenous and local people and destroying the priceless habitat of many species of animals. Not to mention, destroying...
  18. Noahs ark6

    Any Didgeridoo Players Here?

    Hi I was wondering if there is any didgeridoo players on here? I'm wanting to start having a go (for around £20 for one, it's not a life changing decision) and was wanting some thoughts on which didgeridoo to go for. I've wittled it down to two. This (num. 1), or this (num. 2). Which will make...
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    Free Range

    HI Tesco now stock free range chicken kievs and free range sausages at the same price as tesco own brand kievs and sausages (made from intensively bred chickens and cows). I strongly urge you to consider buying these new products, why wouldn't you?:good: Same priceBred and reared in much more...
  20. Noahs ark6

    Wave Solaris 18W

    Hi I was recently given an old wave solaris 18 watt marine light yesterday. The bulb is going dim, and i've searched for a replacement but i just cant find one. Does anyone have this light and/or knows where to buy a replacement. Also, does Wave have a website? Thanks :good: