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  1. squidneh

    20 gallon long betta tank

    I recently moved, and plans for a bigger tank in the new space ended up getting nixed due to the very intensive grad program I'm in until summer 2022. As such, I've now converted my 20 gallon long into a divided tank for my 2 male bettas. Substrate: Black sand by Imagitarium Hardscape...
  2. squidneh

    Growing live food in spare tank?

    After Pickle's passing I have a spare 3 gallon cube tank now. I'm going back and forth between what I want to do with it; I don't want any fish in it but I've been thinking perhaps shrimp, snails, or just plants. However, then I thought maybe I can use it to house live food for my fish...
  3. squidneh

    Sickly Betta

    My veiltail betta, Pickle, is looking poorly this morning. I noticed he was less active and was slow to eat (highly unlike him) and his scales seem to be a bit raised. He is in a 3 gallon cube tank by himself which was cycled before he went into it and he has been in there for ~5 months. Heated...
  4. squidneh

    New background and photo dump

    I switched over to a black background on my community tank, so here are before, during, and after photos. Before During (no background) I was actually surprised that I didn't mind the look with no background, but since this tank is in a window the background isn't optional. And after...
  5. squidneh

    Broken heater, temps plummeted

    I woke up this morning to find that not only was it our coldest night of the season so far, but my heater decided to stop heating. I have a digital thermometer that is battery operated so I usually turn it on to check when I feed the fish and then power it down to save battery. I turned it on...
  6. squidneh

    Road side find

    I saw this tank on the side of the road yesterday but didn't have room in my car. Drove by again today and it was still there, so I snatched it up! There was a plastic bag next to it which turned out to have the hood, light fixture, and assorted decorations. It's a 29 gallon and looks to be in...
  7. squidneh

    Peach's Transformation

    I got inspired by the cory transformation thread (can't find it now but maybe @NCaquatics ?) and decided to make one for Peach! Here is when I first got him, at the end of July-ish Unfortunately I don't have pictures of his other side when I first got him, but it looked pretty much the same as...
  8. squidneh

    Pygmy corys - do they use the whole tank?

    my LFS has some pygmy Cory's in which I have never seen around here before. I'm interested in them, but noticed these little guys were schooling with the harlequin rasboras in the shop. Is that typical? Are they more mid/bottom swimmers rather than just bottom swimmers? I had corys a few years...
  9. squidneh

    Fish rack - pros and cons?

    I'm thinking about getting this rack to house tanks on as a way to save space and be able to have multiple tanks in my new apartment (which is in a basement so weight is not an issue as far as the floor goes)...
  10. squidneh

    3 musketeers

    I got in a batch of water sprite and took some pictures of the boys while I was putting it in to let it float for now. My boy, Peach My fiance's boy, Pickle And my sister's boy, Pepper
  11. squidneh

    Are these otocinclus?

    I've been looking for more otos for quite some time. LFS got these guys in, but they just don't look quite right to me....are these really oto?
  12. squidneh

    How would you re-scape?

    I'm not very happy with how my tank is looking...i just kind of planted stuff everywhere because I was only worried about keeping the plants alive because previously I never could. Now that I've been (somewhat) successful with that, any advice for reorganizing everything? I can't get driftwood...
  13. squidneh

    How fast do Angels grow?

    I'm currently bidding on a group of double dose black velvet angels that are currently slightly larger than a dime. For now they'd be going in with my Harlequin Rasboras in the 20g long, but how quickly will they grow/how quickly will I need to get them a new tank, if I do end up with them? It's...
  14. squidneh

    Can a betta tank be too big?

    I am moving in the next few months and I will have room to create a "fish wall". I have 2 betta fish - well, one is my fiance's but I do most of the care - and I want to upgrade their tanks. The tanks will be blackwater biotopes. I have a 20g long community tank and those fish will be moving...
  15. squidneh

    Meet Peach

    My fiance got her first ever fish/tank 2 weeks ago - a betta! I hadn't had a betta for a while and seeing hers gave me the itch. So now I have Peach! He is a koi and the biggest betta I've ever owned. His behavior has been different than my other bettas as well. He is not all that active - he...
  16. squidneh

    How planted is too planted?

    I have my first 2 (properly) planted tanks still in very early stages - a 20 gallon long and a 3 gallon cube. The 20 gallon is home to 12 Harlequin Rasboras and 4 otoclinus, and the 3 gallon cube is home to 1 male betta. My question is, how much floor/swimming space is too much to take up with...
  17. squidneh

    Stocking ideas! New 65 gallon :)

    I am moving into a new place and can finally get a larger fish tank. I love my current 20 gallon set up but I had a 75 gallon a few years ago and I miss it dearly. My new tank is going to be a 65 gallon tank. My future tank will definitely be planted as I already have several Java Ferns and...
  18. squidneh

    New planted tank - some problems

    I recently did a total overhaul of my 20 gallon tank. Years ago I dabbled in plants but I certainly never became an expert and never kept many plants alive for long. I purchased a few Java ferns and an anubias from Petco. I know they aren't the best source but it's my only option. It has been...
  19. squidneh

    Tank above radiator

    For space-conserving purposes, I've been toying with the idea of putting my 20 gallon tank above the radiator in my room. It would be on a shelf (capable of holding the weight) about 4 inches above the actual radiator, on a thick slab of wood. Could I put something under the wood (between the...
  20. squidneh

    Lighting question - clueless!

    I have a 20 gallon long, so it is a pretty shallow tank. I have this light for it and would like to use it if possible. I realize it may not be the best light for growing plants - but since I already have it I would like to try to...