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  1. thuctoanvietnamese


    My dad's driftwood.Is those usable ?
  2. thuctoanvietnamese

    Feeding time!

    Princess bee
  3. thuctoanvietnamese

    Water isn't clear ?

    I'm housing some wild bee shrimp in my cubic 30 tank.But when I try to take pictures of them,I noticed the water is not as clear as before.When I first set it up it was crystal clear.The bees seems pretty healthy.Any advice for this ?
  4. thuctoanvietnamese

    Blackwate help !

    I made a cubic 30 nano tank yesterday.It was a stream themed biotope.I want to make the water "black", but It's raining all day so I couldn't go out and pick up catappa leaves as usual.I have a few option: -Go and pickup leaf litter in my outside pond -Use fresh banaana leaf - Aralia leaf(I...
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    Halfbeak fry

    My only halfbeak gave birth to 10 fry yesterday P/s:what do they eat ?
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    Field reports

    Why I dont have prilvilege to post in the "field reports" section ?
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    Leaves in tank ?

    I'm about to have a new tank.I want it to have a yellow-ísh water color so I'm thinking about what kind of leaf should i put in ?And any plants suggestion ?
  8. thuctoanvietnamese

    Catching wild halfbeak

    I'm going to the countryside tomorrow.There are a lot of halfbeak in the area.I want to catch some but transportation is tricky.they usually fight each other when I'm taking them home,so many will there any way to prevent this ?
  9. thuctoanvietnamese

    Hermit crab tank ?

    I'm planning on setting up a small seawater tank for hermit crab.I collect them at the shore.But I have no idea how to do that because im new to seawater
  10. thuctoanvietnamese

    Breeding black paradise fish ?

    I have a male and a female now.I want to breed them but I can't find any information about them on the internet
  11. thuctoanvietnamese

    Rice field crab

    Does anyone thinking about keeping this kind of crab ?there are a lot of them on the rice field in asia
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    Small macrodus spechti

    I bought it in a local store.there are some bigger than this one but they are more brutal,too
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    Princess bee shrimp
  14. thuctoanvietnamese

    help !

    this shrimp suddenly appear in my tank.they have stripe on body.the stripe disappear when i move them to another tank but this tank has white sand substrate.and now i have a lot of them because they breeding easily
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    what's that shrimp name ?

    I caught them in O Lau river.They have long nose,but they isn't longnose shrimp.
  16. thuctoanvietnamese

    Barbodes semifasciolatus Wild Form

    here is some picture of them Care level:easy Temperature:I put it outside without heater.Maybe the temperature is from 24 to 30 degrees
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    Vietnamese Cardinal Minnow

    This is some VCM in my tank
  18. thuctoanvietnamese

    Problem of crayfish

    I have a crayfish.I kept it for 2 months and nothing happened.but now,it left claw can't move.He can't move because his claw can't move up.I use sand substrate.what should I do ?
  19. thuctoanvietnamese

    outside aquarium

    I want to set up a planted aquarium outside.what plant should I choose ?