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    Share my tanks

    Well, finally getting around to sharing my tanks. Always open to other ideas and suggestions. Up first, my 1st tank that started it all. My 125 gallon Oscar tank, (quickly becoming overstocked by at least 1 Oscar). My other plastic plant tank. My 40 gallon African Cichlid tank. I...
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    Seaview gel

    Has anybody cleaned this stuff of your tank? What did you use?
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    I recently came across 2 cu/ft of Wlim 4904 sinking bio media, (pond filter biomedia). I am soaking what I need in a diluted bleach mixture for a couple hours, then uber rinsing it and drying it in the sun. Anyone see any reason this won't be a good biomedia for aquarium canister filters?
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    How do I get food to my Pleco

    I have recently acquired a 12 Pleco to go with my 4-1/2 to 5 Oscars. The Pleco has done an amazing job at cleaning the algae in the last couple of days. My question is does anyone have any tricks to getting food past the Oscars to the Pleco? I tried distracting them one side of the tank, and...
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    RV Filter

    Does anyone , or has anyone used an RV water filter to help remove any chlorine at water changes? If not, seems like a good idea? If so, is there any particular one you've found more effective?
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    Going to steal bacteria

    I have an established Oscar tank. The filters are a Fluval FX4 and two weeks ago I added a Jebo 865. I am currently in the process of setting up a 80 gallon tank that will also be running an FX4. I hope to be adding water in a week. My question is this. Can I put all the mediia from my...
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    Planted Anglefish tank

    Going with Amazon Sword, Java Moss and maybe another easy plant. Should I cycle the tank first or plant the tank first? Will the plants help speed up the cycle at all?
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    I have a lot of questions, (and ideas) about setting up an Angelfish tank. I have an 85 gallon tall tank and I plan on setting it up for Angelfish. I am not new to fishkeeping, but far from an expert and have never done an Angelfish tank. Through my research I have found that they prefer a...
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    UV canister filters

    Thinking of adding secondary canister filters to my 125, and as yet to be set up 85. I'm intrigued with the UV canister filters. Anyone have any experience with the various brands, specifically the UV operation, longevity etc.?
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    New 5 gallon nano tank

    So, I assumed that placing a small (3" X 4") sponge filter in my fully established 125 gallon Oscar tank for 2-1/2 weeks, then placing it in my new 5 gallon tank would be enough to establish (seed) the 5 gallon tank. Well, guess what? It wasn't. 2 days after stocking the tank with some neons...
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    Nitrate testing

    Anyone know of another, more acurate way of testing for nitrates other than the API kit? 10ppm looks the same as 20ppm, and 40ppm looks the same as 80ppm. Even diluting the sample 1/4 to 3/4, the test result can't be determined between 10 or 20, so time 4 = 40 or 80. This is ridiculous.
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    10 year old, never used tank

    I have a question I would like to get some feedback on. Apologies in advance if I'm posting this in the wrong section. I recently purchased a 10 year old 90 gallon Lee Mar tank. The tank has never had water in it. The silicone looks perfect and shows no sign of drying or flaking, although...
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    Hello everyone

    Mike in California here. Re-entering the hobby once again. 125 Gallon with a juvenile tiger oscar and a juvenile albino tiger oscar. Just finished setting up a 37 gallon, no stock yet, (still trying to decide). Going to go look at another 125 tomorrow with an adult blood parrot cichlid and a...