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    Breeding assassin snails

    I purchased 3 assassin snails 4 months back. One died because it got stuck in the filter. I have seen the other two climbing and moving together for a long time (on and off). I assume this is breeding. Look at the pic bellow. How long do assassin snails need to hatch? Should I do anything in...
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    Too young to breed?

    Today I bought two bristlenose plecos, a male and a female. I was hoping to breed them and wanted to get the biggest ones they had. I got a relatively big male, however the female is significantly smaller then him. This one was the biggest one they had of the common black ones. I wanted to try...
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    Whats the website called?

    I saw in the past that a few people recommend a website to help calculate the stocking levels of an aquarium. I have forgotten the name and would appreciate of anyone would send me the link or the name. Thanks
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    Possible angelfish pair

    So I have a 50 gallon aquarium with two angelfish. I'm not a 100% sure about the sexes but I think the koi is a male and the scar diamond is a female. The fish are about year and a half old and have been in the tank together for a year. They were bought as juveniles. I have been told that if...
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    50 gallon stocking ideas

    I have a fully cycled 50 gallon tank. It is set up for over a year and fully planted. I currently have two angelfish and a blue gourami. I wanted to add more fish and here are my suggestions A pair or a trio of appisots 2/3 bristlenose pleco A school of bigger teras Danio Hatchetfish I...
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    When did you get into breeding fish?

    I have been interested in breeding fish for about a year now. The only fish I have been successful at breeding were guppies, sword tails and blue gouramis. I have been looking for and trying out simple breeding projects without much success. I'm in my last year of high school, so I'm under quit...
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    3 gallon stocking ideas

    So I have a spare 3 gallon take and am planning to turn it into low maintenance nano tank (no filer no heater). The tank will be planted and kept at room temp. I would like some advice with stocking, here is what I had in mind 4-6 Celestial peral danios (1male-3 female, 2-4) 4-6 Clow/rocket...
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    Pleco deaths

    So a week ago I added two female common bristlenose plecos to my planted 200l tank. In it there were already two super red bp males who got along and did bother each other. All 4 fish were at breeding age and I though I could get both colors. However a week after adding the females both males...
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    How to euthanise fish

    After doing a lot of research on how to treat bloating, I have discovered that it usually can't be treated. My blue gourami is no severally bloated and I'm guessing its due to internal problems. I heard that it cause lot of pain to the fish. I took the fish out of my main tank and in a...
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    Bloated blue gourami

    Hello. I have a female blue gourami who look very round. I don't know if thats because she is bloated or because of the eggs (I doubt that its the eggs). The male has been building a bubble nest and there has been some spawning behaviour. Is the fish bloat or just very pregnant. It did just get...
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    Different types of Neocaridina shrimp

    Hello. I recently found my old 3 gallon tank, and because its too small for any fish I decided to give shrimp a go. I did my research regarding the common red cherry shrimp, but I also saw some blue dreams and yellows and so on. I'm new to the shrimp world and I was just wondering if there is...
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    Can I add kribs to my existing community planted tank

    I have a 180l planted tank, with two angelfish, two blue gouramis, 4 bristle nose super reds and two panda garra. I wanted to add a pair of dwarf cichlids (appistogramma or kribs). I decided on kribensis because I haven't kept them in the past. I was wondering if I could add them. I do regular...
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    How to promote breeding in angelfish

    Hello. I have two angelfish which I raised up since they were babies. They have been showing some signs of pairing for about a month now. They play fight but they never hurt each other nor do they swim together. I was wondering if there is anything I could to do, to get them to breed. The temp...
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    Blue gourami breeding questions

    So I got a spawn of blue gourami about two months ago. After that the male built a bubble nest and would chase the female and I also couldn't tank any more fry, so I added an air stone to keep him form building a nest. Now I want them to spawn again but I'm worried that the male won't spawn...
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    Collecting daphnia?

    Hello, Is there a way to collect your won wild daphnia and are there any dangers of doing that? If not how can you get a daphnia culture started.
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    Fry questions

    Hello A about 2 months ago I had my first spawn of gourami fry. The babies are doing fine and growing quickly. They are about 2-3 cm now and I was wondering how long until they reach sellable size. I water change 3-4 times per week (30-40%) and feed regularly 3-4 times per day a mixture of...
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    Salt and plecos

    Hello, I read that salt treatment can not be used in a tank with plecos because it can kill them. I'm pretty sure that's not true, especially if I follow the ratio of one table spoon of non ionised salt per 100l of water. However I do have 4 super red bristlenose plecos. Is this true or is...
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    Stocking help

    So I have a small tank about 5 gallon (34x17x22 cm) and it was my first tank every back when I was 10 or 11. I had one betta in there and he lived for about 8months. Now I wanted to use it as my nano desktop tank and I would like some help with stocking the tank. I want to keep the tank low...
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    Nerite snails in a fry tank

    Today I added a nerite snail in my fry tank to help with the clean up, so eating left over food and algae. However I notice he produces a lot of waste. Should I keep him in there or do I take him out? Thanks
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    Collecting wild plants

    Hello. Today I was walking in the mountains and I saw a couple of ponds with little streams going through them, very slow moving. The ponds were green full of what looked like hair algae. I also saw some plants around and and in the pond. Naturally my first thought was; these would look great in...