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    Water changes in large tank

    I moved from a medium sized tank to a large ~110 gallon/415L tank and think I need new tools or methods for water changes. I used to use a watering can to refill in the bathroom sink at a similar temperature as the tank. But how do I manage with such large amounts of water? I can't gently pour a...
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    Clown loach community tank?

    I adopted a couple of tanks from neighbors who didn't want them anymore, and I recently consolidated them into one large tank. What other fish could I add to keep everyone happy? The tank is about 120 gallons (24" wide, 48" long, 27" tall) with rocks, logs, and clay hiding cylinders, a few...
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    Has anyone ever tried to treat a fish for a swollen thyroid?
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    Distended/inflamed gill

    My danio has a red swollen gill--just one. It seems to be getting worse by the day. It's really hard to get a good picture because he's still as active as ever, still eating and behaving normally, but the gill looks terrible. He must be feeling it even if he doesn't show it. None of the other...