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    Getting back into it

    Hi and welcome. Some excellent guides on here and plenty of knowledgeable people.
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    Welcome to the forum :fish:
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    Aquarium heaters

    Looked at the basic and the bio master. The bio master is the one I will go with. Like the extra features.
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    Aquarium heaters

    Thanks for the response. Have been looking at the oase thermo and will probably go with those.
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    Aquarium heaters

    Have been looking at some options to lessen the amount of equipment in my tanks. With regards to heating the water I have come across a couple of options. Would like people’s experience/ opinions on them please. 1. Canister filter with compartment for heater. 2. Inline heater that goes on the...
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    Welcome to the forum. No expert myself but plenty on here.
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    can i request things?

    Have two LFS close to me. Both will order in whatever I want as long as their supplier has it.
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    1st tank advice

    I have an Aqua one 300 and the filter with that is silent. Think most are the same now.
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    Yoyos and Barbs Eating Veggies

    Did that with my bristlenose. Watermelon came out as favourite.
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    Welcome to the forum. Plenty of good advice to be found here.
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    Suggestions ??

    Thanks for the response. I do have very soft water but was the same for my other tank. Have added some media and live plants now. Will check nitrites later today.
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    Hi and welcome :fish:
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    Suggestions ??

    Checked my Ph and it is 8.
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    Newbie Convict Lover

    Welcome to the forum. Used to keep convicts many years ago.
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    Suggestions ??

    Added the snack dose and it dealt with the ammonia fine. Tha nitrites we’re at 5+ but are now reading 2-5. It just seems to have stuck there. Going to add some plants and cycled media to see if that helps.
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    Suggestions ??

    Will do. Thanks
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    Suggestions ??

    Doing my water change and filter clean tomorrow so will transfer some then. Thanks.