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    Aquarium heaters

    Have been looking at some options to lessen the amount of equipment in my tanks. With regards to heating the water I have come across a couple of options. Would like people’s experience/ opinions on them please. 1. Canister filter with compartment for heater. 2. Inline heater that goes on the...
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    Suggestions ??

    So I am in the process of cycling tank number two. Added the snack dose of ammonia 24th of August. The nitrites are not dropping at all. Temperature is at 28c. Ph is 8. On day 33 now. The first tank was fully cycled in 33 days. Not in a rush to get it done but would like to see the nitrites...
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    Supper time

    Just a picture of one of my BNPs and rabbit snail sharing some watermelon .
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    Orange rabbit snail

    On a visit to my LFS saw my first orange rabbit snail and fell in love. Purchased him and put him in my little cube tank to serve out quarantine time. He ate his greens but hardly moved about. Was a little worried about him. Today quarantine ended and he was moved to my 300l tank. Just sat...
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    MTS strikes again !

    So I started with my 300 litre tank. Next came a little 23 litre I am using to grow out plant cuttings. I am in the process of cleaning out the 145 litre I just purchased. Going to cycle the new one then use it as a quarantine until my DT is fully stocked ( and by that I do not mean overstocked...
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    Cleaning second hand tank

    Have just picked up a little second hand 5 gallon tank. Came with the light , heater and sponge filter. Will get a new sponge for the filter. What is the best way to clean everything ? Should I replace the tubing on the sponge filter ? Thanks as always for the help.
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    Plant identification

    Can anyone tell me the name of this plant please ?
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    Finally managed to get a decent pic of one of my bristle nose. Had the two of them for a week. Around 2-2.5 inches.
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    Substrate cleaner

    Looking for something to do substrate clean between water changes. Many years ago I remember my father had one with a bag attached on the side of it. The water went through the bag and the ‘gunk’ was deposited in the bag. Have had a look on Amazon and there seems to be loads of them. Looking for...
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    Root tabs

    Looking for recommendations for root tabs. So many different ones out there. Not a high tech set up. Thanks
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    Help reading test result.

    In the process of doing my fishless cycle. Just want peoples opinion on what number my nitrite reading is at. Thanks
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    Would this work ?

    Okay so quick recap of things. 150x38x60 cm tank Planned stocking - 50 ember tetras 50 normans lampeye 50 corydora habrosus. Thanks to all the great advice on the forum I know these are all good for my water parameters. Would honey gourami work in this setup ? If so what number would work best...
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    Spray bar positioning

    Tank L-150cm D-38cm H-60cm Filter Canister rated 1400l/h I have just set up the tank ready to cycle so no fish in there. The filter came with two lengths of spray bar. I curently have the two lengths across the back of the tank - from left to right. This extends to over half the length of the...
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    So it begins

    After weeks of waiting my tank finally arrived yesterday :banana: Spent yesterday evening putting the cabinet together. Several basic errors which slowed it down but all sorted in the end. Today put the backing on the tank. Had some fabric with a black rubberised backing which was doing nothing...
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    Light on ?

    Possibly a daft question but just want to get it right. Doing a fishless cycle with no plants. Do I need the light on to do this ? Ta
  16. J

    Tank coming soon !

    Finally have a firm date for the delivery of my tank. May 21st ! Can’t wait to get started on the design. Even excited to start the fishless cycle. Planning to keep a journal so will post updates at the different stages. Sure I will have lots of questions too. :banana:
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    Stocking advice

    I was set on stocking my tank with large shoals of tiny fish . However as I await the arrival of my tank I am having second thoughts (yes lots of you said I would) :blush: Kept a variety of cichlids quite a few years ago and loved their personalities. Have been looking at the electric blue acara...
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    Cycling clarification

    I have a friend who has a well established tank ( cichlids breeding in it ). They have been kind enough to put a filter pad in their tank for me and have offered some of their filter media too. ? Question 1. How long should the filter pad be in there to ‘seed’ it ? Question 2. Basically what do...
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    Buying plants online

    This one is for members in the UK. Does anyone purchase aquarium plants online ? There seems to be a lot more choice online. Looking to see if anyone can recommend a good online supplier.