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  1. indigoj To Good Home - 2X Pink Kissing Gourami

    Livestock: 2x 5" Kissing Gourami Quantity for sale: 2 Reason for Sale: Need to reduce stock Delivery or Collection: Definitely collection only - no time to post, sorry. Sales price: Free to good home Location: Bury, Lancashire 2 adult kissing gourami, 1 will probably grow more and is about...
  2. indigoj

    6X2X2 Tank For Sale With Stock Etc.

    Equipment make/model/size: 6x2x2 glass tank with homemade stand plus 3x large external filters (FX5, Tetratec ex1200 and Aquaone 1200), 2x 300w heaters, 4 Oscars (2 are wild) 1 Fire Eel, 1 Lapradei Bichir, 1 Raphael Catfish and one Senegal Bichir with a Lump on it's side. NO hood or lights. Also...
  3. indigoj

    New Baby...

    We've had this little guy since Sunday, bit of a gamble as the others in the tank were a bit skinny and he is only about 3-3.5" but he is eating well - bloodworm and prima so fingers crossed
  4. indigoj


    Lovely chance to see just how big those mouths are! Friends for now. Feeding time. Fire eel close up. All 3.
  5. indigoj

    New Cat

    Well, yesterday we were given what the previous owner thought was an albino channel catfish (grows huge and will eat smaller fish but generally peaceful) they gave it to us as it had eaten a few goldfish and they knew we had a big tank with bigger fish. So acclimatising this 8" long beautiful...
  6. indigoj

    A School Of Oscars...

    Here they are, all in the big tank, so far and overnight no one got beaten up LOL.
  7. indigoj

    Eeek They're Here!

    With thanks to dave_oddballs and his missus my 2 wild oscars are now swimming happily round their new home. Pics later :)
  8. indigoj

    Urgent - Does Filter Bacteria Die Off If The Temperature Drops?

    It will only be without heat overnight, probably go down to 16 deg from 25 deg.
  9. indigoj

    My Rodents

    Remi&Emile Scrat (Scratee wouldn't pose) Merry&Pippin
  10. indigoj

    Some Of My Fish

    Parachana Obscura Kissing Gourami Small Fire Eel Oscar and Tyre Track Eel
  11. indigoj

    Which Heater?

    The heaters in my 6x2x2 are struggling as one seems not to be working well, I'm running 2x300w heaters but the temperature is only hitting 22.5deg C max, dropping to 21 overnight. Luckily it is running empty at the moment waiting for my Oscars to move over. So, I need another heater - 300w+ and...
  12. indigoj

    Large Clarias Needs A New Home

    For Sale: 18" Marbled Clarias Catfish Price: Offers - good home FAR more important. Reason: He's too boisterous for my Eels Location: Bury Lancashire Collection Only due to size - far too big to post and as I don't drive I can't deliver sorry. I have reluctantly decided it is time to rehome my...
  13. indigoj

    Trip To Bas

    Just back from a trip to BAS, my first since they got a new owner. (They were in administration a couple of months ago) They had plenty of stock in including the usual 'normal' fish - barbs, gouramis, live-bearers etc and quite a few nice unusual fish including Fire Eels (about 9"), Motoro...
  14. indigoj

    My New Additions

    Hi, not been online for a few days due to a computer virus but I'm back and have new additions! On Tuesday 4 gorgeous 3" long Parachanna Obscura arrived :) Obviously chances are I'll not keep all 4 forever but maybe a pair if I'm lucky. At present they are chilling out in the 2ft tank...
  15. indigoj

    Duckweed And What Looks Like Frogbit

    My local (disused) canal has a lot of what looks like duckweed and frogbit in it, it also has a healthy fish and fowl population. I'm getting some new fish soon that will definitely need floating plant cover and am wondering if I could use these out of the canal in a tank? I could 'quarentine'...
  16. indigoj

    Patrick Swayze And Keith Floyd

    Very sad day - 2 losses again. Maybe not a good year to be a celebrity. Join me in raising a glass to two more household names who have left us. :rip:
  17. indigoj

    Clarias Versus Swordfish!

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I've never seen my 16" Clarias move so fast - we are having swordfish for tea and the other half washed and dried the skin and suggested feeding it to the fish. I said to try the clarias (who will eat ANYTHING). I waved a strip of swordfish in the tank he came over, had...
  18. indigoj

    New Babies... Oscar Nursery

    Many of you fellow Oscar Lovers will know the heartache I went through losing my 2 beautiful O's a few weeks ago. Since then I've been wanting to replace them but couldn't find any! Finally today I picked up these 2 - as yet un-named babies - In the bag.... Looking a bit lost.... Closer...
  19. indigoj

    Bas In Administration!

    :unsure: 12:35 pm, September 2, 2009 KPMG fishes for buyer for Bolton aquatic store By Michael Fahy Britain's Aquatic Superstore, the 70,000 sq ft angling centre based in Bolton, has been placed into administration. The centre, which had been trading for more than 43 years, consisted of...
  20. indigoj

    New Additions

    Thought you might like to see the 2 latest additions to our small zoo..... Taking us to: 4 gerbils, 2 mice, 2 budgies, 2 dogs and 3 tanks of fish!