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    Crypt Id!

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    Bolivian Ram (Sexing Help?)

    So I bought 3 Bolivian juveniles on Tuesday and was not aware of the sex. After they acclimatised there were some disagreements over terrortority and this has calmed down now and Im left with a confusing outcome. Two of the three are sticking together all the time and barely leave each others...
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    Background Before And After

    So I decided to get a black background. Took me about 45mins to fit it. Better? Before After EDIT: Don't know why the camera is brighter in the second pic, must have been because of the black backdrop.
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    Estimated Seeding Time?

    Got a a new tank+filter on Friday and have seeded the filter using existing media. I added the seeded bit on Friday also and topped the tank up to 5ppm Ammonia. Looking at the tests now(Sun) the ammonia has gone from 5 to 2, and nitrites have gone to around 2-3. What estimated time am I...
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    How Many G Rasboras?

    So I ask, how many Galaxy Rasboras can I have in here when its cycled fully? Species only tank. Tank: Juwel Rekord 700 @ 70 Litres Filter : Turnover at 280l/h Substrate: Eco-Complete Decor: Bogwood, will be adding many more plants Thanks
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    Ornate Tetra Stocking

    Dimensions: 60cm x 31cm x 42cm (L,W,H) Hey Guys, already ordered the new 70 tank should be here Monday :drool: . Im looking at a schoal of Ornate Tetras, how many do you think I could have? Obviously looking at a nice sized group hopefully. Filtration is an internal at about 280litres an hour...
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    Shrimp Nano Finally Complete!

    So i'm glad to say that my Shrimp only nano is finally complete. There will be no more additions of plants so i'm just going to leave the current ones to grow. The Shrimp, well I love them. Feeding time is always entertaining for me, seeing them stealing pellets off each other brings a smile to...
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    [Sold]Ludwigia Repens

    Plants: Ludwigia Repens Quantity for sale: 6 stems(5" Average) Delivery or Collection: Both Sales price: £4.00 Postage & Packaging: Free Location: Swansea, Wales Photograph: All negotiations and questions must be posted in this sales thread and NOT by PM. Communications may only be taken to...
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    [Sold]Java Moss For Sale

    Plants: Java Moss Quantity for sale: 2 portions Delivery or Collection: Delivery Sales price: £3.50 each or 2 for £6.00 Postage & Packaging: Free Location: Swansea, Wales Photograph: All negotiations and questions must be posted in this sales thread and NOT by PM. Communications may only be...
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    Plant Ideas For Background

    So upon trying to get a nice background with Pogostemon erectus I don't like the way it looks and need a background suggestion. Plant must be "bushy" enough to fill this spot Lighting : 11w (Must be enough as everything else is growing like mad) Ferts : TNC Complete Rec. dose + TNC Plugs...
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    Substrate Plugs?

    Can I put some TNC Plugs(Substrate Capsules) in the substrate whilst my aquarium is running? (Use a tongs to push them to the bottom of the tank?) Thanks.
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    Filter Sponge Question

    So I'm currently re-designing my small 8 litre which was cycling for around 2 weeks, the tank is dry and empty atmo. I have put the bio sponge into into my main tank which is fully cycle to try and keep the already built up bacteria alive. Will this work? Will bacteria from my cycled tank pass...
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    No Idea Of Watts

    So I have a LED light unit that came with a 8L Nano tank. There is 16 diodes in the unit but im unsure if it is a high or low number of watts. Made by LG, do you think I should contact them? Anyone got a rough estimate of how many watts the unit might contain. Thanks EDIT: Oh its the TMC...
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    Java Moss On Bamboo

    So to finish up the last bits of my 30L before introducing the shrimp I wanted to get some more moss, knowing shrimps love it I just couldn't resist. Although I didn't want the basic moss on wood/coconut so I searched around a bit. I then found some Java Moss on Bamboo and thought it would be a...
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    Is This The Result Of Liquid Co2?

    Just added some EasyCarbo to my planted 30L about 2 hours ago. It was the recommended dose and now im seeing small bubbles amongst the leaves of all the plants. Does this usually happen after adding liquid co2?
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    Moss Wall: My Attempt

    So after looking into it and watching many youtube vids I decided to construct a moss wall for a future shrimp tank(8 Litre) Moss came in post today, a good amount from BigbruiserAl The mesh I am using is just plastic with holes about a 1cm. I used a planting tweezers to thread it. Also if...
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    Quick Question - Ferts And Co2

    Is using fertiliser and CO2 together a better option than just one of them alone? I just purchased some TNC fert and some easyCarbo Thanks, Matty
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    Adding Nitrate Rich Water?

    So guys, my 30L is just about done cycling and as usual the Nirtates are really high. My question is, would I be able to to transfer some of the nitrate water into my New 8L to encourage growth? I have a lot of moss in there atmo are really want it to grow fast before I get some CRS, would this...
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    8 Litre Nano (Guidance Needed)

    Saw this and thought, hey it could be a nice shrimp tank so I bought it. I really like the desing and the back compartment filter is Great. So here goes.... __________________________________ TMC Microhabitat AquaGrow Built in filter, 2 sponges(Height and Width of tank) LED Light...
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    New Aquascaping Rock Help!

    So I bought some of this Mini Landscape Rock off AE and was expecting like 3 pieces of rock to use in my pico, but was surprised to see this whole piece. Well what im asking is if any of you guys out there who have scaped with them before could give me a little help on the design, I plan to...