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  1. Neontetra123

    What species of betta

    I got a new betta but I am wondering what species of betta is it?
  2. Neontetra123

    Objects on the top of the water of my tank

    I am new to keeping fish and just set up my tank I am leaving it to settle for a week before I put fish in the tank. Today I was checking on the tank and I noticed these weird transparent objects floating on the top of the . What are they and what do I do ?
  3. Neontetra123


    Hello we’re a family new to keeping fish, really looking forward to learn and share about the subject.
  4. Neontetra123

    Cloudy water

    Hello, another family new to this, we’ve set up the tank washed the gravel and substrate, introduced plants, tap safe and filter booster. 24 hours in the water remains slightly cloudy. Is this to be expected. Thank you in advance.