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  1. Aqua Tom

    Assassin Snails New Arrivals

    I have been away for 5 days on holiday & have just returned home. The first thing I did was check my tank (as you do)& blow me down if I didn't spot a tiny assassin snail, about the size of two grains of rice side by side. My colony of assassins is growing, I know it kinda hard to STOP snails...
  2. Aqua Tom

    Testing Your Test Kit?

    I tested my tank water today & got double zeros as expected. I then got to thinking that its been along time since I had any ammonia readings so how do I know the test kit is still working. I then made up a Ammonia solution in a glass & tested that, it showed off the scale so my kit still...
  3. Aqua Tom

    Dropped My Drop Checker

    Came home from the pub last night & decided in my befuddled state to replace the liquid in my drop checker. Minus one drop checker later I have come up with the idea that its not a good idea to go anywhere near the tank when four sheets to the wind, so to speak. :drinks:
  4. Aqua Tom

    Brazilian Pennywort

    I have had a clear out in my tank & have a load of brazilian pennywort going free. First come first serve. Tom
  5. Aqua Tom

    Different Types Of Media

    The time is getting very close to when I wil be instaling my new 100 gallon tank. I have a fluval fx5 monster filter tried & tested & is working fine. It has three internal baskets of truley huge dimensions, each basket is surrounded by sponge which will be staying. 1 basket is filled with...
  6. Aqua Tom

    Clown Loaches

    What is the best size tank for a group of clown loaches & how do the get on with plants, I mean do they dig them up etc? Tom
  7. Aqua Tom

    Bubbles & Lights

    For those of you who like Bubbles, check this out. Tom
  8. Aqua Tom

    Blue Green Algae

    I seem to have got a bit of a BGA outbreak. I have read the various posts on here & elswhere, & it seems the most common cure for this is to black out the tank for a few days. How will this effect my plants & fish? Sorry for the nOOb question. Tom
  9. Aqua Tom

    Dead Ram

    I have been away on business for 4 days leaving my wife to look after the tank. I have got home & discovered my male Electric Blue Ram nose down in the corner & quite dead. I am gutted. :(
  10. Aqua Tom


    I just broke my drop checker, took it out to change the liquid & give a bit of a clean & snapped it in half. Cant believe how clumsy I am sometimes. :rolleyes: Tom
  11. Aqua Tom

    My Tank

    I posted this in the Tropical Discusion forum & then realised it was in the wrong place. My tank = a short film. Excuse the blurring & bad zooming I am a clutz when it comes to cameras. Tom
  12. Aqua Tom

    Video My Tank

    I have been asked by a few folk on here to post a film of my tank. I have not done this before because, well basicly I had no idea how to do it. I think i have figured it out so if it works I hope you like it. Tom
  13. Aqua Tom

    Oh Dear, I Am In Trouble

    I think i may be in trouble with the Wife. She asked for a shiney thing & I said we didnt have the money. I then went to the LFS to buy 1 Otto & 1 Male Cherry barb. Which I managed to get & then saw these guys & fell in love, i just had to buy pair. Luckily the Wife has yet to see the...
  14. Aqua Tom

    Brazilian Pennywort

    I am getting some Brazilian Pennywort delivered soon. I know it can be grown as a surface plant or "anchored" to the bottom of the tank. I dont want it as a surface plant. Whats the best way to grow it otherwise?
  15. Aqua Tom

    Non Return Valve

    Is there such a thing as a non return valve with screw fit fittings suitable for a co2 system? My new atomizer works at a high pressure & has already blown the tube off the valve once, I have used cable ties on it for the time being but that isnt ideal. Tom
  16. Aqua Tom

    Plant Identification

    Hi gang, any idea what this is? I asked in store for a fast growing good looking stem plant a few weeks ago & they are doing great. Unfortunatly I have forgoten what they are called. Blimey, please forgive the dirty glass, its tank cleaning day tomorow, honest. Tom
  17. Aqua Tom

    Wow Moment

    I am sitting here using my laptop in my living room & just glanced at my tank, I got lost in the fishy world & before I new it 5 mins had just flown by. It was like a real moment of self congratulation as I remebered all the hard work cycling & fighting disease's etc. I actualy feel quite proud...
  18. Aqua Tom

    Silver Dollar Fish

    How well do silver dollars fit into a comunity aquarium. When I finaly get round to installing my 400 litre tank I would like a small school of these but obviously dont want the scoffing up the other reidents. I have googled & found conflicting reports ranging from Timid to Semi Aggressive. I...
  19. Aqua Tom

    Abundance Of Co2 For Me

    Today I went & picked up a new co2 bottle from my local Pubs gas supplier. I got it on the Pubs account. It is rather large. My old bottle was a 6kg co2 beverage dispenser bottle & it was only half full when I got it but it has still lasted me 6 months or so. The new one is at least 3 times...
  20. Aqua Tom

    Heater For 400 Litre Tank

    Hi, any recomendations for a heater for a 400 litre tank? I mean make & model not 400w ;p