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  1. TallTree01

    Upgraded betta tank: corydoras?

    Howdy folks , Been a while since visiting this board, new children really constricting my spare time. TFFs had some changes it seems :) . A few weeks ago my most recent "micro aquarium" - home to various shrimps and small fishes over the years - started spewing nasty chemicals after the light...
  2. TallTree01

    Chain Sword Dying Off

    About 2 months ago I planted a group of Amazon chain sword in my Juwel 180. It seemed to do well and spread out but now it's dying off for some reason. The leaves are all turning yellow and falling off making a mess. I dose flourish excel and trace at half dose. My Vallis and Mayaca plants are...
  3. TallTree01

    Anomalochromis Thomasi

    Hi guys, I've been looking into a small peaceful cichlid to eventually go into my ' oddballs ' tank. I've not been able to find vast amounts of information on any of the usual sites. In a 3 foot tank how many of these could I comfortably keep? At what level do they inhabit ( bottom middle top...
  4. TallTree01

    Ada Aquasoil Substrate

    Hey guys, I've been gathering equipment and supplies for an upcoming aquarium and would like to have a substrate that's not plain white sand. I've been doing some reading online and it seems that the general consensus is that ADA is a good brand. I've been looking at the Amazonia type as I...
  5. TallTree01

    Empire Gudgeons

    Hi guys, I saw a few of these at my LFS recently and would like to find out how to care for them. Should they be maintained in schools, pairs or alone? Are they aggressive or fin nipping? How big do they grow? I've read anywhere from 5 to 12 centimeters. How larger tank would I need? Also if...
  6. TallTree01

    A Documentary

    Hi guys, I recently rediscovered a favorite of mine and thought I would share it with you. I'm not sure if it's been discussed before on this board but I find it very informative, interesting and relaxing. Some spectacular footage and I highly reccomend you check it out if you have 45 minutes on...
  7. TallTree01

    Fish Are Amazing Animals

    Ok guys, early May 2015, I had 3 female bettas in my 5 g. I lost one of them due to a filter accident and that set off a problem in the hierarchy. So I seperated the remaining two. One in my 25g and one in the 5 g again. The one in the 25 g is doing great to this day and is thriving in her new...
  8. TallTree01

    Compatibility Of African Species

    Hey guys, I'm planning a tank of around 180 liters, 90 x 40 x 50 cm and I've been looking into an African style tank. Will this stocking be ok in a tank this size both bioload and compatibility wise? 8-10 upside down catfish, syno nigriventris 4-6 African butterfly cichlid, A thomasi 1 African...
  9. TallTree01

    Api Root Tabs

    Hi guys, I went to the store today to get some more root tab fertilizers as I have run out. They were out of the normal brand which I use one of every week for my 90 liter tank. So I bought a different brand: API root tabs. It says to use 1 per 30 square inches of floor space ( 194 cm2 ) every...
  10. TallTree01

    Fish Food Expiration

    Hi guys, I was checking my axolotl pellet carton to see the ingredients and noticed that it went off in October last year, I didn't even know it had an expiration date on it. I then checked my other foods and saw that some of my various tropical fish pellets and flakes also went off last year...
  11. TallTree01

    Tetra Has A Huge Chunk Out Its Body! Pics Included!

    One of my flame tetras appears to have been brutally mauled at some point. There is a chunk across almost half his body exposing his insides. Bullying between him and his other tetras seems unlikely as he's always been the biggest baddest alpha. I don't know whether to seperate him to another...
  12. TallTree01

    All Australian Fishkeepers Please Read!

    Hi all, pretty much all of my local LFS are handing out flyers. Just in case you were not aware the quarantine laws for aquarium fish will be tightened in March resulting in prices skyrocketing for imported fish. Please...
  13. TallTree01


    Hello, If you have spoken to me for any time in the last few months you will know that my axolotls float consistently. That is rather rare in the axolotl world as even after fridging them and isolating them their condition did not improve. I have found out why they float: You will notice that...
  14. TallTree01

    Axolotl Missing Skin!

    I realize this is a fish forum but if anyone has any experience dealing with axolotls missing skin I would appreciate input as to how to help him grow it back. It appears as though the skin on his leg has been shaved off. I'm not sure how he did it but he seems to have done something stupid...
  15. TallTree01

    Why Am I Still Getting Algae?

    I have at least 4 types of algae in my established low tech tank. It is planted and I havent fertilized in ages. I have two t8s on the tank and the tank levels are healthy. 0 ammonia and nitrite and small quantities nitrate. The ph is close to neutral and I do 20-30% Waterchanges every week...
  16. TallTree01

    Help - Ick!

    Hi all, woke up this morning to find my rummynose tetras cover with little grains of salt. I'm assuming this is early stage ich as it looks very similar to picures I've seen online. The ammonia and nitrite have been 0 for ages and the nitrates shouldn't be too high as I change 30-50% water...
  17. TallTree01

    Tt's Axolotl Adventure

    Hi guys, picked up a tank today for some axolotls! The dimensions are 36x14x18 inches and is 6mm glass. I've bought a 36 inch LED that is miles bright, will probably have to get some floating plants or something so the axolotls don't go blind :x The filter is an Aquaclear HOB rated for a tank...
  18. TallTree01

    Removing Diatoms

    Hi guys, in my 90 liter ( 62 x 37 x 37 cm ) I am having a persistent diatom growth. I scrub it off every week or so but it just grows back! I have 8 rummynose tetras, 2 flame tetras and 9 kuhli loaches in the tank, what can I do to stop the diatom growth? I dose root tabs and seachem flourish...
  19. TallTree01

    Amazing Talent Or Reckless Animal Abuse? Hope the link works, the thing I'm referring to starts at around 4:10 minutes
  20. TallTree01

    Plecoes Are Poop Machines

    So I'm always seeing this ' Plecoes poo a lot! They have a lot of biomass ' . What I don't get is, how are they bigger poopers than other fish? I mean, isn't the amount of poop dictated by what they eat? If you feed them less, they poop less surely. So why are Plecos poop machines?