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    Giant Danios Still Swimming Without Eyes ?

    SERIOUS FISHY DILEMA My giant danios, allthough still at 4, I have 2 missing both eyes, 1 missing 1 eye and 1 completely fine. Thinking back, I only ever 'recovered' 2 bodies through out my dissearance madness. I origionally got 8, lost 3 in 2 days and put it down to bad stock/ acclimatisation...
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    Black Ghost Knifefish An Red Tail/finned Shark

    Can't seem to find any committed answer or opinion on here or the wider web. Just wanting people's personal experience or advice ? I've got a BGK, bought him at about 3" and now he is about 6". Had a red tail shark a few years ago that I loved to bits so would like to have one again. The...
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    Damp/mould Caused By Fish Tank Condensation ?

    Hello, Just nicely bought a house (3 months ago) and to my 4 foot gourami community tank re-setup and all was going fine until the last few week. We have noticed mould/damp against a 2 walls in our house and loads of condensation on the windows. Has a bloke in to look at it and he said he...
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    Led Vs Tube Lighting

    I bought a 4ft tank second hand and basically the hood is crap and made out of some cheep aluminium. The bracket to hold the light tube in place just doesn't and as there is only one bulb I find it doesn't illuminate the tank properly. I want to make one out of wood/Mdf but can't decide which...
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    4Ft Community Tank Start To Finish

    So, after month of waiting to be messed about a final time I thought my dreams of a bigger tank were shattered. And then I saw this beauty on Facebook. ( won't let me post it as it's too big, will try from the laptop later) basically it's a 4ft tank, stand and all the trimmings for £100. I...
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    Buying Fish Online

    Another random one from me I'm afraid but where does everyone buy their fish and plants ? Do you go through your LFS or on the internet ? I understand that if it's something unusual it might be easier to go straight online and 'cut out the middle man' but does anyone have any experience if...
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    Are Backgrounds Needed ?

    Bit of a random one but are backgrounds really needed ? I've just taken mine off so I can clean all the algae properly and I quite like it without. I'm just worries it may stress he fish ?
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    Compatibility And Stocking Of A 240 Litre Tank.

    Hello all. Been doing a bit of research for a new 240 litre tank tank and I have a list of possible tank mates that I have seen together before and like the look of. I guess I'm just asking u lot for an honest truthful opinion on what may work as he internet is full of people who think they...
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    Guppy Bent Way Over ?

    Hello Just got in From work and found my guppy on the floor of the tank, curved over not moving but still gill movement. Does anybody no whats wrong or solutions to sort it ? Any help would be great, Cheers   Here she is, Yellow with an Orange tint to her tail
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    Guide For Pond ? I.e. Maintainance, Guides

    Ive been recently reading up on all the cool ponds that the forum members have but wonder if there is a basic guide out there as to how to set up the tank, Maintainance of the tank and other simple but basic 'rules'   A very easy one comes to mind. In summer with such a large avaliability of...
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    Can Anyone Tell Me What This Is ?

    Hello all. I have recently changed from Gravel to Sand (Journal on here) and have included some Real plants for the first time ever in my tank. Enjoying it as its great to see them grow and the fish love them.   My question is, in the last 3 weeks i have had this stuff all over my plants, bog...
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    My 90 Litre Tank Journal/ Aquascape

    Hello all.   I have started various topics and followed loads of other's especially journals or aquascaping, combing for hints and ideas. I finally feel ready to attempt my own aqua scape.   I have a Marina 125 (90 litre) tank, currently has rainbow coloured gravel (chosen by the kids) with...
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    Cant Upload Pictures

    I want to upload my own tank pictures but am having trouble. says they need to be under 100k's. I have a blackberry phone which i have taken my pictures on but cant upload them as they are all around the 700k mark. any idea how to make the file smaller rather than alter the resolution so the...
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    Filter Size ?

    I keep reading people asking/commenting about filters and their litre per hour capabilities. how do you calculate/decide what filter is needed for what size tank ?  somebody was on about a 1500 l/p/h filter the other day and it got me wondering is all.   Cheers for any info 
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    Frogs And Other Bottome Dwellers ?

    Ive got some african dwarfe frogs and am just wondering if there are any other bottome dwellers i could have with them ? i no you cant mix crabs with frogs but am in need of information if anybody knows ?   Cheers
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    Caves Tunnels. Are They Really Good ?

    Hello everyone, ive been doing research into aquascaping tanks and adding tunnels and caves etc but have a question i dont think has been covered so far and cant seem to find anything near to it.   bear with me just a minute please...   Imagine, you have your substrate sorted, layout of...
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    Scarborough Sealife Centre

    Well, me and the missus are off to Scarborough (North Yorkshire) for the weekend. As my hobby rules i have persuaded her into going to the sealife centre to look at the fish. Now, As the name states its a sea life centre. Does anybody know if there are Tropical fish Aquariums/centres or do you...
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    Running Costs Of Bigger Tanks

    In some other posts/ forum things i have mentioned that i am looking into upgrading my tropical tank from a 90litre to maybe a 240litre tank. i was just wondering if anybody knew how much it costs in running i.e. for the electricity per month. Bit of a weird one but any help would be great Thanks
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    New Tank Weight, Support Needed ?

    Hello everyone Im currently running a 90 Litre tank (think its a marine 125 bought from a jollies pet shop). It has been running for about a year now with tropical fish, all is fine so far thank god. Im due a bonus from work in march so am contemplating getting a bigger tank, somewhere around...
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    Pregnant Guppy, Internal Bleeding ?

    Hello, this is my first comment or topic. I have a female guppy and she is pregnant for the first time. I have never had a pregnant fish before but due to previous topics on here i have learnt what to do. The main reason im asking is because she appears to have been bitten on the side perhaps...