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  1. DJ Fresh

    Wood In Tanks

    So I've got an old stump from a juniper bush that I sawed in two. I've used a piece of cedar bush before and not had problems... Have any of you used a piece of juniper in a tank before? They have sweet roots and I plan to attach java ferns to it. It's currently sitting in a bucket of water...
  2. DJ Fresh

    Best Fish Stores In Vancouver Bc Canada

    Hey. I want to check out the fish stores in Vancouver BC Canada. What are the faves? What are the ones I shouldn't go to? DJ Fresh 8)
  3. DJ Fresh

    Upgrade my lighting?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone has upgraded their lighting on their tank and would like to share how they did it? I'm tempted to rip out the 1 flourescent bulb lighting I've got and install a double flourescent bulb from Home Depot. Anyone done something like this before? I'm not wanting to...
  4. DJ Fresh

    Question about coloured gravel

    Hey, I'm currently running a test to see if this is the case (I'm seperating the coloured gravel so that I can test the PH), but I was wondering if anyone else has had this or heard if coloured gravel will raise the PH? One LFS told me that it could be the reason that I've seen a rise in my PH...
  5. DJ Fresh

    Pleco Pickle

    My pleco has a weird white slightly raised patch. It's not cottony, so it doesn't look like fungus. I tested my water levels and they are perfect and my other fishies look fine. Does anyone know what this could be? It looks like a little zit or something. DJ Fresh
  6. DJ Fresh

    Water Flowing over the Filter

    I have a exterior side filter with replaceable cartridges, and the water is flowing over the top of the filter cartridge and back into the tank. Do I need to replace the cartridge to prevent this? It's only 3 weeks old. I've already tried rinsing it out in old tank water. B) DJ Fresh
  7. DJ Fresh

    Kuhli Loach

    Help! I just brought home a Kuhli Loach and my German Blue Rams are nipping him! :crazy: Should I take him out? Thanks!
  8. DJ Fresh

    Lead on an aquarium...

    Hey, I want your opinions!!! :thumbs: My friend has a 20 gallon tank and is willing to sell it to me for $50 (Canadian). It includes gravel, thermometer, heater, lid/lights, fake plants, and... some fish! 1 Silver Dollar, 2 Buenos Aires tetras, 1 Firemouth Cichlid, and a Blood Parrot. It...
  9. DJ Fresh

    Iron for my Java Fern

    Hey, I've got a 10 gallon tank with a Java fern in it. I want to know how often I should fertilize my Java Fern with Plant Gro (iron). I've done it when I put the plant in, I just did it after a water change... but I'm worried my plant won't get enough in the beginning... as it's still tied...
  10. DJ Fresh

    One Fresh Intro

    Hey. Another Victoria, BC, Canadian here. I realized I haven't introduced myself. So, hey, I'm DJ Fresh, no reason for the name, no pun for "Fresh water fish" or anything... just DJ Fresh. :D Anyways, new to the forum, new with fish, except I did have fish when I was a kid... but they were...
  11. DJ Fresh

    High Nitrites

    I have a 10 gallon tank with zebra danios and tetras, and my nitrite level is at 1.6. What should I do about it being so high?
  12. DJ Fresh

    Aqua scum

    I have this scum on the surface of my water, and someone from in here called it Protein. Whatever it is... it's slowing my water flow up to a stand still, and I'm worried that there isn't enough oxygen getting past the surface. what should I do?
  13. DJ Fresh

    Broken Filter?

    I'm not sure if my filter is working properly, there doesn't seem to be a current and there is a film on the surface of the water. Can anyone give me some insight? I'm not sure if it's just a slow moving filter or if it's totally broken.