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  1. UnknownFishies

    Good News

    So my LFS said they would take all my fish so I’m going to rehome all but 1 dying gourami which they won’t take. So this is a huge relief as I know my fish will be better. I’m not gonna get any other fish right now as I want to redecorate and get my tank to where I want it. I do need some...
  2. UnknownFishies

    Gourami Lethargic Overnight

    Saw my gourami laying on the gravel. Last night he was just fine but today he’s looking like he might die. Is there any possible way I could save him? He won’t move even when I poke him or try to give him food. His symptoms are just heavy breathing and he’s really lethargic.
  3. UnknownFishies

    Grandmother Tank Stocking

    My grandmother has a Fluval Bow Front Flex aquarium. We want to stock it soon but I don’t know what would be good. Tank size is 9 gallons and water hardness is 4 dGh. She really wants a shoaling fish like neon tetras but I don’t know if we can do that in this size of tank. I was thinking...
  4. UnknownFishies

    Plants outside?

    So I am wondering if I can plant plants like hornwort, frog bit and all that outside in my moms planters. If so what requirements would I have to have if there are any. My mom said I could use her planter boxes(see pics below) and would those work? I just don’t want to plant a bunch of plants...
  5. UnknownFishies

    Internal bleeding!?

    My black skirt tetra looks like it’s internally bleeding! I saw a red dot on it about 5 days ago and thought I just saw an organ inside of it. (I know, stupid) After 3 days I saw it got larger and on the 4th it got significantly smaller so I thought it was just healing but now it looks bad! It...
  6. UnknownFishies

    What’s your favorite movie?

    Watching one of my favorite movies Pirates of the Caribbean: At worlds end and was wondering what’s everyone’s favorite movie(s) Mine are The Blind Side Pirates of the Caribbean: At worlds end
  7. UnknownFishies

    Gourami scaring me(again)

    This time it’s a blue powder gourami that’s scaring me. It’s looking down and swimming like that. Then another fish comes up and it returns to normal. What is going on? Is this breeding behavior? I have noticed bubble nests. Levels are all normal. I’ll get pics when it does it again.
  8. UnknownFishies

    Is this the right move?

    So I talked about this before and just wanted to make sure that I am making the right choices. So... I have 3 dwarf gouramis, 3 powder blue gouramis, 3 black skirt tetras and 2 serpae tetras. I know this is a very bad stock but I was naive and thought that was good. Anyways what I want to do is...
  9. UnknownFishies

    Best way to get rid of snails

    Grandmothers tank had a snail outbreak. What’s the fastest and best way to remove.
  10. UnknownFishies

    What is your dream tank?

    What would you want your dream tank to be? Would you do a planted tank? Or a theme? For me personally, I would do a japanese theme or a Gozilla vs Kong theme, I know weird, it would look better than it sounds lol.
  11. UnknownFishies

    Goldfish Tub

    Found this Goldfish tub in New Mexico and was wondering what are your thoughts on it. I suggested to my mom that we could do something like this for her and she said we might be able to. But what are your thoughts. Would it be ok outside? How hard would it be to maintain.
  12. UnknownFishies

    Parasite or Bacterial Infection??

    My Dwarf Gourami has this white thing sticking out of his chin. I noticed it this morning and didn’t see it the day before. Any idea what this is? Is it a parasite?
  13. UnknownFishies

    Redecorated My Tank.

    Redecorated my tank so that it’s planted instead of all those fake decorations.
  14. UnknownFishies

    Gourami Scaring Me

    My dwarf gourami has been sitting at the top of the tank for days now. Water per emitters are fine and no aggression. She still eats and everything but now her middle section is really slim and I see like a bulge in her back section.( Tried to get it in the pic) Is this normal? Is she pregnant...
  15. UnknownFishies

    What is the coolest fish you’ve seen at a LFS

    Mines an Oscar and a Horned Shark
  16. UnknownFishies

    Does anyone know what my gourami is doing?

    My gourami has been staying in the top corners of the tank for hours on end. It’s starting to freak me out. This started after a rearranged the decor. She is still eating. Anyone know what’s going on? My water parameters are good.
  17. UnknownFishies

    Need Help! Gourami Acting Weird!

    My dwarf gourami has been chilling at the top corners of the tank quite often. Is she ok? I’m pretty sure my oxygen levels are fine because none of the other fish are chilling at the top of the tank. I also don’t know if this is the right place to post this since it really wasn’t an emergency.
  18. UnknownFishies

    Walmart Confusion

    So I was looking for a potential betta to get when I saw this ad. I was so confused as to why Walmart was selling Axotls. I then found out it was a wall art.?? Yes... I really did look up cool betta fish.
  19. UnknownFishies

    What was your first fish

    What was your first fish? Was it some tetras? What about a betta? Mine was a Betta named Lucky.
  20. UnknownFishies

    Snow Storm Incoming: Advice Needed

    There’s a really big snowstorm coming into Colorado and they say the power will go out... if this does happen what can I do to keep my fish warm? I know to put blankets around it but anything else? I also don’t have any spare heaters. I just want to know just in case this does happen.