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  1. andreisdabest

    Red Cherry Shrimp with eggs??

    So i have 2 or 3 red cherry shrimps that have these yellow things under their tails that look like eggs. I have had shrimp breed in here before and the shrimp that have eggs now are the children of the shrimp that bred here before. (I can tell because they are slightly stripy) Photos -andre
  2. andreisdabest

    Water change query

    Is 10% water change every 3 days enough or should i increase that? Its a 10gal tank with 2 mollies and lots of shrimp
  3. andreisdabest

    Air stone / air pump questions

    Do i need an air pump / air stone in a 10 gal /38l tank that has a small-ish filter (aqua one clearview 200 HOB), 2 mollies and lots of Red cherry shrimp Thanks A
  4. andreisdabest

    Hydra problem

    Does anybody know how to get rid of hydra WITHOUT killing my shrimp? I dont like having all the green things hanging off everything
  5. andreisdabest

    A guy who is new here

    I have a very basic setup. It is an aqua one 200 clear hang on back filter, a heater from petstock, aqua one led light and 38l tank with rounded edges and some sand.i have live plants and self gathered rocks(rocks arent cheep in aus) i have a bunch of shrimp fry and 2 adult shrimp. I also have 2...