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  1. Noahs ark6

    What Do You Think?

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys, much appreciated. The lighting isn't too good so I think i'll go with some hairgrass, 3 more java ferns for the wood and some amazon sword. Thankfully the vallis has also thickened out since the pic. Thanks again- I'll post a pic of the updated tank when I...
  2. Noahs ark6

    What Do You Think?

    Thanks guys. The vallis are starting to produce runners, so I'll keep replanting those along the back   He sure is. I was surprised to find him in my local P@H
  3. Noahs ark6

    What Do You Think?

    Hi guys. If you have any suggestions for improvement it'd be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Noahs ark6

    Feeding My Betta. :)

    Just feed as much as he eats in about 40 ish seconds, it's not an exact science  
  5. Noahs ark6

    May 2013 - Pet Of The Month Competitions Entries

    My Standard Poodle I'll post the verification pic asap
  6. Noahs ark6

    Do I Need Fertilizer And What Kind Of Lighting

    Do you know what wattage the bulbs are, or could post a pic? Are you waning to add more/different plants? If you're wanting to keep easy plants (e.g Anubias, Java fern, Moss, cabomba, Amazon Sword etc) you shouldn't need to add any fertiliser as long as the tank is stocked with some fish.
  7. Noahs ark6

    Fin Rot Or Nipping?

    that'd be fine. As long as the water's really clean it should heal up nicely =)
  8. Noahs ark6

    Fin Rot Or Nipping?

    it's probably fin rot then. Increase the % of water you remove and replace by 20% and use a fin rot treatment =D
  9. Noahs ark6

    Oliver's Not Doing Anything.

    A cheap plant from p@h is just £2.20 ish and would be really beneficial for him.
  10. Noahs ark6

    Dead Two Days

    I can only assume that either the fish were ill when you bought them or died due to the stress of introducing them to the tank. Post the results of the water test on here and keep an eye on the other fish =D
  11. Noahs ark6

    Fin Rot Or Nipping?

    To me, from what i can see it looks like fin nipping. Is he the only fish that this has occured to? Is the rear fin the only place where he's lost some fin? Is there any white around the edge, or is it just a clean cut? (does it look like it's peeling anywhere on his body?)
  12. Noahs ark6

    Dead Two Days

    I would strongly reccommend a dechlorinator. It removes chlorine that is present in tap water, as it can damage the fishs' slime coat, and removes heavy metals and chloramines. How did you go about introducing the 2 mollies to the tank?
  13. Noahs ark6

    Water Change!

    You can add a bit of warm water to take the sharpness out of the cold water (considering your house is relatively modern). But it shouldn't be a problem considering you add the new tap water to the tank slowly =D
  14. Noahs ark6

    Dead Two Days

    Have you "cycled" your tank? Did you use a dechlorinator when adding the tap water? Are the other fish in the tank visibly healthy? How long has the tank been set up for? How big is the tank?
  15. Noahs ark6

    Feeding Confusion

    it really doesn't matter, everyone has their own rules and opinions, every other day is fine =D
  16. Noahs ark6

    How Many Commet Goldfish Could Live In This Tank?

    Just one really, but in about 1-1 1/2 years time it'll have outgrown it. Goldfish can get to a very large size (hence people sometimes keep them in ponds), so if your heart is set on goldfish, be prepared to buy a bigger tank =)
  17. Noahs ark6

    Tap Water Test

    You should still use a dechlorinator as there may still be chloramines or heavy metals still in the water. 0 chlorine is uba strange. I'm not sure about the ratio of R/O to tap water, but i beleive it's easier to use 50/50, so you don't need to add extra minerals etc =)
  18. Noahs ark6

    Dalmation Molly Problems

    It probably isn't the cause of the problem, but try feeding them a flake as well as bloodworm. And if you don't already have one, a filter is quite important in maintaining a healthy aquatic environment (and they're not that expensive)
  19. Noahs ark6

    3.8L Lighting?

    Get a bigger tank?
  20. Noahs ark6

    What Should I Do?

    Have you asked the store if they'd rehome him?