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  1. bbbls108

    Wanted Spixi Apple Zebra Snails Swap For Yellow Elephant Snails

    Hi all, I am after some spixi apple zebra snails as i had some few years ago. I have lost them one by one and cant find anymore about. I have quite a few baby Tylomelania yellow rabbit giant elephant snails if you would some of these. Regards Sue
  2. bbbls108

    Java Moss

    hi everyone, just having a look on ebay for some plants and came across this item number is 190207981689, i couldnt believe how much it is already 200.00. just under 2hours to you think they have it wrong or should i get growing java moss lol.
  3. bbbls108

    Loads Of Baby Giant Land Snails

    hi, i work in a high school and a pupil had charge of the snails for the holidays,they have return with with about 200 babies.sorry to say the school cant keep them. so thought someone might know if you can use them for food.if you can and if anyone would like them i can arrange for them to be...
  4. bbbls108

    Electric Beening Turn Off For Repairs For 7 Half Hours

    hi everyone, i have rang the electric company which they where competely useless. any advice would be very gratefull,i dont have a generator should i hire one? i have five tanks in my outerhouse my fish are the tropical fish.(cories ,platties,endlers,swordtails).many many thanks sue
  5. bbbls108

    Zebra Danios Breeding (i Think)

    hi all my danios are chasing each other all over the tank. this morning i noticed two off them twisting and swimming very close together over rocks and in the java moss my swordtails where very close to them and it look like they where eating something from around them.i have moved my swordtails...