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  1. bbbls108

    Wanted Spixi Apple Zebra Snails Swap For Yellow Elephant Snails

    Hi all, I am after some spixi apple zebra snails as i had some few years ago. I have lost them one by one and cant find anymore about. I have quite a few baby Tylomelania yellow rabbit giant elephant snails if you would some of these. Regards Sue
  2. bbbls108

    Closing Down Sale

    Hi Gill, What a shame Do you have a contact number as i am looking for a three tier 4ft/3ft stand with tanks, plus i am after a 4ft-1ft-1ft Thanks
  3. bbbls108

    Hemianthus Callitrichoides (Hc)

    Hi, Ok thank you
  4. bbbls108

    Hemianthus Callitrichoides (Hc)

    Hi, They look awesome.Are they easy to grow as i only have plants which are ok with standard lighting. Cheers
  5. bbbls108

    Assisin Snail

    Hi ya, I have listed my last lot on ebay heres the link
  6. bbbls108

    [Wanted] Sulawesi Snails

    Tracy has listed two lots of the yellow elephant this all she has at them moment. Heres the links
  7. bbbls108

    Bristlenose Plecs - Warwickshire

    Hi, I would be interested in some of the bigger ones as i would like some more girls to go with my group.I have the room to grow them on. Would you be able to delivery to rugby as i dont drive, of course will cover cost of petrol and time.No problems if rugby is to far way. I am also very happy...
  8. bbbls108

    [Wanted] Sulawesi Snails

    Hi, Just to let you know tracy has been in touch and she will be listing some soon on ebay.Tracy is going to check over the weekend how many are ready.I will post a link as soon as tracy has listed them.
  9. bbbls108

    [Wanted] Sulawesi Snails

    Your welcome,hope she gets intouch
  10. bbbls108

    [Wanted] Sulawesi Snails

    Hi, I have emailed a lady which i got mine from and sent her the link so hopefully you might hear from her if she still has some left. Ones i got are gorgeous and in 100% good condition. Hope this helps
  11. bbbls108

    Hi ya helen, Hows your tank going? Are the white things gone? Regards Sue

    Hi ya helen, Hows your tank going? Are the white things gone? Regards Sue
  12. bbbls108

    Malaysian Trumpet Snail Poo?

    No problems helen your very welcome. Lets hope it has worked.
  13. bbbls108

    Malaysian Trumpet Snail Poo?

    Hi ya helen, Hopefully someone on here can help you. Have you felt one to see if they feel like a egg or if it moves? In the picture they look like long grain rice. I would boil the wood for a few hours just to make sure its not eggs.
  14. bbbls108

    Wanted - Bogwood

    Hi dave What prices are looking for your wood and where are you. Your wood and plants look great. cheers sue
  15. bbbls108

    Assasin Snails

    Hi ya, I have a list at the moment i can add you to the list and i will pm you when they are big enough to send. feel free to pm
  16. bbbls108

    Fighting Bristlenoses ?

    Hi, Its sounds like they are starting to mature.You get them nugging each other and sometimes they will have a go with each others with there tails and heads.As long there are enough caves and hidy holes for them the tank seems big enough.They are working out whos going to be the dominant one...
  17. bbbls108

    Assasin Snails

    Hi, I will have some again soon.Hopefully 4/8 wks the babies are only 0.5cm,i like them to be aleast 1.0cm before i send them out. If you would like me to put on the list please pm. Thanks for your interests Sue
  18. bbbls108

    Fluval 4 Plus Filter Wanted

    Hello again, I have one on ebay at the moment
  19. bbbls108

    Assasin Snails

    Hi ya, Many thanks for your interests i have pm'd you both. Cheers Sue
  20. bbbls108

    Pics Of My Baby Bn'S

    Hi congratulations on your little ones, i breed bristlenoses they soo cute once you start you cant stop lol