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    thanks tolak for your quick response im trying to find out how to eradicate a rather heavy attack of dark red/brown algea in a friends tank details of which are a bit unknown but as far as i understand there are just 6 small fish and a rock in what is thought to be a 60 litre tank with a black...
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    i know some time ago i looked up about different algeas and found some picture references on this site but have searched in vain for them now has any one any ideas where it is
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    Peacock Eel Injured, Need Advice.

    have you checked your water stats because from past experience when fish get to this state it is usually down to poor water quality test then do 50% water change . The guys on here will give you plenty of advice. i am only a beginner myself and this is always thefist course of action
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    Subtrate Question

    I have my tank set up as half fine sand half gravel and have a mixed tank including africans and its great i keep wondering about going all sand as it is easier to clean the sand as the debris stays on top so you just cause an eddy on the top and syphon off
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    Electric Yellow

    this is one of three in my tank
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    So I Inherited A Tank

    It is not a feather fin or common pleco but its name eludes me at the momment will check tomorrow i think it is a Royal panaque
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    The video shows nothing as such not enough detail in shot would try with light on but indications would suggest possible dropsey
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    Using Ammonia Remover

    Have now done 8 50% water changes over the last 4 days fish must be wondering whats going on . anyway this has now led to ammonia level of 0.1 nitrite still 0 but fish are showing slight signs of fin rot? will continue to do 2 changes a day and till 0 ammonia then go to daily checks to see if...
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    Using Ammonia Remover

    Thanks for the imput yes i was aware of only reducing by half the levels of ammonia but once did a really large 90% and seemed the worst thing i had ever done. I have done 2x 50% and the level is as expected down to 0.2 and i have added some java fern to hopefully help things along. yes the...
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    Using Ammonia Remover

    I have added a few new fish but the ammonia level spiked to 0.8 have immediately done 60% water change but do you people think it adviseable to use ammonia remover or not and what are the implications
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    Vision 180

    Newbie is that a picture of part of your tank?
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    Vision 180

    i thank you for your imput. I was advised that the yellow labs were a lot less agressive of the african and would proberly be ok with the others . the clowns the large one is proberly getting close to its potentioal in this tank but the 2 small ones are a way off yet and seem comfortable...
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    Vision 180

    Could you detail your thoughts a bit as to which fish in small tank etc the rams and cons have been in there the longest. but i do agree that the tropheus may be a problem having done a bit more investigation
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    Vision 180

    The tank has been running for about 18 months but every now and then i reset it and this is the latest incarnation I leave them potted because the fish often dig them up but i dont mind having to replace them if they die off but most of the plants seem to survive but not flourish In fairness i...
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    Vision 180

    new layout
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    has not set their status

    has not set their status
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    Name That Fish

    Thanks for that and yes i think you are right shame its going to change its looks as it gets older
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    Name That Fish
  19. tuskancharger

    Hot Water From Where

    thanks for such a quick reply hot water does get stored in the cylinder but it is really heated by the central heating system
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    Hot Water From Where

    Okay people a question i need to ask when doing a water change can i use the water from the hot water tap or do i have to boil up in a kettle . I ask because i recall some time ago reading something to do with copper sulphates? from ther hot water tap