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  1. nick87

    Wanted: Java/christmas Tree Moss

    Hi all, looking for some mosses for my 6 gallon tank, anything easy to grow considered really :)
  2. nick87

    T5 Ballasts, Wiring Ect

    I have 2 osram quicktronic dimmable 3x 24W ballasts, loads of wire, end caps and bulb clips for sale All you would need is 6 tubes and a something to hold it all together. No idea on it's worth so make me an offer (within reason) and i'll prob say yes.
  3. nick87

    3 X Koralia Nano's

    I have 3 modded koralia nano's for sale, i have removed some of the grill for increased flow. Looking for £25 plus p+p
  4. nick87

    Ph Pen

    Bought a little while ago and never really use it, has 2 bottles of calibration fluid but i'd probally buy new ones. £13 posted.
  5. nick87

    Tmc V2 120 Nano Skimmer

    Great little skimmer, pulls a lot of muck from my tank, have modded the air intake. £25 posted.
  6. nick87

    Mushrooms Dying?

    My mushroom corals have been shriveled up for a few days now i can't work out why. From the pics below you can see what i first thought were there insides coming out from there mouths but looking closer they appear to be seperate from the actual coral, are there any worms/bugs that prey on...
  7. nick87

    Sun Coral Feeding

    Hey all. I recently got my first sun coral, It is happy enough in my 30g tank but i'm a little worried that the large daily feedings are going to mess with my water quality, i have heard of people removing the coral from the tank when feeding but i don't want to stress it out. So what do you...
  8. nick87

    Aussie Clowns

    Hey all Went to my lfs today and noticed a pair of percula clowns for £70, when i asked about them i was told they were australian clowns, whats the difference to between normal and australian? They only thing i could see was it had slightly broader black bands. Cheers
  9. nick87


    Hi all. I have a aqua one ar620t with stock lighting (2x18w pl comtact t5's), now i have always kept softies so i am not to clued up on lps, would i be able to keep any with the lighting i have? I could add more lighting if need be but it would be a pain to start modding the hood. Thanks Nick
  10. nick87


    Hi all. My seahorse tank has been sat with water and live rock for a few months now, i have been doing water changes just the same as if it were stocked. Did a water test today (salifert kits) and it is showing 0.25 for ammonia? I have been adding the occasional shrimp to the tank as a...
  11. nick87

    Np Reducing Biopellets

    Is anyone using these? I am planning my SH tank and am looking for a good way to keep on top of the inevitable phosphates and nitrates from feeding. Cheers. Nick.
  12. nick87


    Hi all. I am setting up a new tank and made the stupid mistake of not thoroughly checking some S/H rock i bought, turns out it has a large population of aiptasia :< I have been keeping marines for a few years but i have never had them before, how would you go about destroying them ? The...