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  1. juanitoman

    Lima Shovelnose Feeding?

    is it difficult to get lima shovelnose cats to start eating pellets?? if any one that has had some before can give me any information on the ones they have or had would be great :good: -thanks- :D
  2. juanitoman

    Malawi Cichlids And Catfish?

    what cats should i put in with my malawi cichlids in my 100gal?? most are gonna be peacocks... :fish: ive had pictus, syn, sun cat, rafael, and plecos suggested but im looking for different suggestions.. -thanks- :friends:
  3. juanitoman

    Cats For 100Gal?

    im setting up my 100 gallon tank with maybe some Mbuna cichlids. But i gotta have a catfish too, and wanted some suggestions of cats :friends: i could add other than syns & plecos....... -thanks-