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  1. Deepatlantis

    Is This An Ulcer?

    Hi, my platy just gave birth about three days ago and now she has this lump on her side. Is it an ulcer? She was being chased by two competing males, I'm wondering if she somehow got injured. If it is an ulcer, what's the best treatment...salt? The only other thing I can think of is a tumor...
  2. Deepatlantis

    Ethical Question: What To Do With "runts" Of The Litter?

    Hi, I have about 20 guppy fry now two months old. I can now see a few which have bent spines or are not developing quite properly. My question is what should I do with them? What do others do? It seems awful to euthanise them when they are 'healthy' and could go on to live their lives, but I...
  3. Deepatlantis

    Filter Media Advice Needed Please

    Hi, I have a Classica Paradom 60 tank and I've never replaced the filter media but it's starting to fall apart. The tank is fully cycled and established. I don't know what type of filter I need. It is a freshwater tropical tank and I believe it came with a fine white polyester sponge filter, but...
  4. Deepatlantis

    Guppy Stuck On Her Side, Help!

    Hi, my guppy Charlotte gave birth two days ago and this morning she's floating on the top on her side, struggling to straighten up. I did notice she had stringy poo yesterday and treated the tank for internal bacteria as I had lost another female guppy last week to the same (but she never went...
  5. Deepatlantis

    Fin Nipping Female Guppy...advice Needed

    I need some advice, one of my female guppies is due her first brood of fry some time next week. Today she started badly nipping the tail of my male guppy. She had been bullying him quite a lot, but when it turned to nipping I wasn't happy. I tried moving her into my smaller tank that has fry in...
  6. Deepatlantis

    Help! Platy With White Haze On Eye?

    I was just looking at my fish and noticed my red platy has a white haze over her left eye. What could this be? I don't know whether to treat for fungus or white spot/parasite? Is it related to fin rot? I want to nip it in the early stages, but not sure what it is! It looks like there might be a...
  7. Deepatlantis

    Tank Cleaning Question From A Newbie

    Hi, I've had my tank for about six weeks and during cycling I got an algae bloom but I added some amano shrimp and snails and they've cleaned the place up nicely and I don't see any algae. I have been doing water changes and siphoning in the gravel. I'm just wondering if this is enough? I know...
  8. Deepatlantis

    When Do Guppy Fry Reach Breeding Age?

    Hi, I've tried searching the forum but can't find the answer, I apologise if I've overlooked it. Can anyone tell me at what age to separate my guppy fry boys and girls? I'm planning on keeping any really nice ones, but most are going off to my LFS and I don't want the girls to all be knocked up...
  9. Deepatlantis

    Ammonia Sky High, Help!

    Hi, my tank is brand new and has been set up for 29 days, planted and kept at 26C. I added fish (guppy and platy) on the 8th day and have been testing and doing regular 25% water changes every day or two depending on readings. Last time I tested I had 0.1 mg/l ammonia which was lower than it had...
  10. Deepatlantis

    Please Drop Already!

    I have a guppy who is heavily pregnant. I've had her three weeks and I guessed she was about two weeks pregnant when I got her. She's been squared off since last Weds and last night she was guarding the area under the bridge so I thought she might drop, but this morning still nothing. I'm...
  11. Deepatlantis

    Does Gravid Spot Go Away After Birth?

    Hi, one of my guppies gave birth yesterday but still has a very dark gravid spot, and to be honest still looks pregnant. Does the gravid spot fade and redevelop and if so when does it happen? Or is it possible she was pregnant with two litters and will give birth again in the next few days...
  12. Deepatlantis

    Where Did Babies Come From?

    I'm really confused, there are a few fry in my tank this morning, but none of my pregnant fish looked ready to give birth and they all still look pregnant? What's going on? I've spotted about five fry, and I don't know if they are guppy or can I tell?
  13. Deepatlantis

    Lazy Day Or Other Problem?

    Hi, I have had my 60l tank for 9 days. Used Interpet New Aquarium startup to cycle and on day 7 bought a male and (pregnant) female guppy and a male and female platy. They seem to be ok but today they are a lot less active and are spending a lot of time swimming in place (at various levels in...