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    What To Put With Khuli Loaches

    At the current moment I have 2 Khuli Loaches living in a one gallon with some snails on gravel. They seem pretty comfortable like that. They enjoy resting in the plant I have crammed in there and sometimes they'll even rest on the snails sucking on the wall haha. I do want to move them into my...
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    To Much Salt? It Burns.

    I'm new to salt water but the other day I changed the water 50%. I mixed it in a bucket before putting it in the tank but when I was moving things the water burned my hand. My eel has been hiding in the filter for the past day or two. Do I have too much salt?
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    Can I Use Styrofoam?

    Can I use styrofoam to make some aquarium hides? I want to make a custom Spirited away theme for my rope fish and he could hide in the house I sculpt. I was thinking about glueing some rocks to the bottom so it would sink and paint with acrylic? I don't want to cement it. Will it work with out?
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    Why Did My Pleco Die?

    A month or two ago I was given a 6" pleco from an old couple because he had outgrown his tank. When I went to pick him up I noticed there was a dead gourami lying on the bottom of the tank. The owners didn't even notice till they netted out my Pleco (who, by the way, was very strong and lively...
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    Parrot Cichilds Fighting?

    The other day my Mom was taken by these huge 8 inch parrot Cichilds and decided to get them as we recently got some bigger tanks. There's two of them and I see them pushing each other around. Is that fighting? Should I be worried? Their scales are perfect but their faces have some deep scars on...
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    Water Lettuce And Other Floating Plants Dying

    Awhile ago my mom got me some floating plants like water lettuce, duck weed and some other plant I don't know( its like water lettuce but bulbs) they seem to be dying though. They are kept in a bin with fertilizer beside the window and no fish with them although I tried with one plant in my fish...
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    Overstocked But Nobody Wants Myfish

    Just as the title says, I'm overstocked on common type goldfish but nobody wants them :crazy: . Over the summer I gave my fantails to my uncle to care for while I was on vacation but there was a crazy hailstorm and I guess that killed some of my beloved fantails so he replaced them with these...
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    Rope Fish And Axolotls Together?

    Has anyone kept these two together before? I have a rope fish and wanted an axolotl but I was wondering if they could be tank buddies. My rope fish is a nice peaceful little guy (about 10 inches) whose only interest lies in mysis shrimp.( took me a week to convince him to eat anything at all.)...