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  1. tightrope10

    Last But Not Least...

    Now comes the final step in getting the tank... (other than more research) Convincing my parents! They didn't say no, but they didn't exactly say yes either... What can I do to convince them?
  2. tightrope10

    Favorite Plants?

    You guys have been helping me slowly work towards buying fish, thank you! Now I have another question- what sorts of plants do you suggest, along with substrate and general decor?
  3. tightrope10

    Red Bellied Piranhas?

    how many can be kept in 55 gallons, what temperature, and what do they eat?
  4. tightrope10

    Fish For A 55 Gallon?

    I'm not sure what fish are good together, so I was wondering if anyone could post a list of fish combinations for a 55 gallon? Thanks!
  5. tightrope10

    Hello! Suggestions?

    Hi! I am a young animal enthusiast from PA. I have saved up 400$ (lots and lots of chores) to buy another pet. This time I'm thinking fish, and I was wondering how many gallons could I get with that money and still be able to afford cool fish (suggestions on what kind?), plants, and a heater...