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    Large Clown Loaches In Planted Tanks

    Hi, I have a question if you dont mind. I love these guys, BUT my tanks are densley planted and while I have seen many, many planted tanks with smaller clown loach, I have never seen large clown loaches in planted tanks and a few experianced people have said that they will rip up a planted tank...
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    150Cm T5 54W Light Ballasts - Arcadia I Bar And Juwel

    Equipment make/model/size: Arcadia Ibar 2x54w 150cm and Juwel High lite T5 2x54w 150cm Quantity for sale: 2 units, one of each make Reason for Sale: 18 months stored in a room since upgrading my tank Delivery or Collection: Collection only Sales price: £40 for Arcadia, £50 Juwel or £80 for both...
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    Planted Haven

    Hello, here is my 8 footer in video. Needs some improvement, im just gettign used to the camera.
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    864 Litre Planted Rainbowfish Aquarium

    Here are some pictures of my planted rainbowfish tank. It has been running since Aug 2008. The aquarium flora has evolved somewhat partly thanks to its inhabitants; some of the Rainbows and Denisoni barbs got rather partial to hair grass and Blyxa so that i no longer have a nice lawn. The tank...
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    Melanotaenia Fredericki - Sorong Rainbowfish

    Rainbowfish Lovers !! This is a rare import, never seen them on sale before in the UK, but these are currently available at MA Peterborough. They are labelled wild caught and they have apparently been imported from suppliers in Indonesia. There is some speculation as to whether they are truly...
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    storing water

    I bought an 80 litre black bin from Homebase garden section. This is intended for storing water for water changes. Do you think it is safe enough for this? I would have thought so, but i have heard people suggset you shoulfd use 'food grade' containers, but what is plastic going to leach?
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    Baby Endlers Popping Out Tonight :)

    Hehe...fisrt batch babies popped out of their mummies...Endlers factory is definatley in production :D
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    Considering Discus

    I am seriously thinking about going the Discus way...done alot of research, but still wanted to get some advice. My tap water is Ph 7.4 Kh ~8 9um not sure actually) Gh ~16-18 The tank I am considering is the one currenlty with Angels in it. 48x28x20(w) The water in the aquarium is Ph 6.8-7.0...
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    Doh! where are all the Endler's strains?

    I initially got 4 pairs via Trimar in cornwall and then just ordered 5 more pairs from Shirley Aquatics in the Midlands, but they look almost exactly the same :( Wheres the peacocks etc :(? I guess i can hope there will be some diversity in the offspring.
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    Juwel RIO 400

    Indians, Burmese, Indonesians, Australasians, Oh and a few Mexican immigrants...
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    My 85(UK) Gallon Jungle

    Here are pics of my Rena aquarium, it has been running for approx 1 year now. See sig for dimensions. Has 228w T8/T5 lighting. Pics arent good, not taken pics of my aquariums before (except webcam, which is worse).
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    Crappy Cam Pic

    Ah well , i cant get my cam to reach the other tanks. This the one nearest. It has Endlers and Cory Juliia and you prpably cant see anything. I do not have a decent camera, maybe some better pics in a few days.
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    New UK Fish Auctioning Website I saw it while on the Endlers R US website, it appaers to be new, but could be good if it takes off.
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    Endlers are here!!

    4 pairs have just been delivered today. The females are about 1", but the males are soooo dinky maybe 0.5", but i guess they are juveniles, even so i think the males grow to 1" at most. Here is a pic to give you an idea of what they look like. They are closely related to the Guppy, but are...
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    Livebearer Biotope?

    i have decided that i am going to setup my empty Ri0 240 primarily for breeding Endlers livebearers. However this is a tank in my living room, the smallest of three...yes its cramped! What would be good companions? Looking for pretty much regional fish. DEFINATLEY NO GUPPIES..they would...
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    Sumatran and Borneo Clown loaches

    I had read about the different forms of clown loaches coming into the hobby from their main sources, Sumatra and Borneo. They are the same species, just have developed slightly different colour forms due to most likley resulted from the two populations being genetically isolated. I am guessing...
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    Adding Bogwood and mango wood

    Just a quickie, I am just adding some more bogwood to the aquarium, the large peice in there has been there two years. Soaked the new pieces in a couple of buckets for over 24 hours, small amount of tanin, but not much. Would peeps with experiance think it ok to add now? I know it will always...
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    I cant stand idiot LFS staff!!

    Ok so these places are in the league of US Wallmart, Petsmart etc. These places are CHAV/SCALLY SCUM HELL!! This not the first time a halfwit has refused to sell me fish giving laughable explanations or just plain too lazy to serve customers. Went in tonight at 17.45, two staff no customers...
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    Ancistrus Teminiki

    I have just mail ordered som Ancistrus Temeniki (algae crew-no SAE available). Really not sure if i like them yet. How do people find them? they are sizable 3-4" cant see their full colur atm as lights not come on yet. Well first time getting these. general reviews seem to be positive though.
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    Suggest a suitable Cichlid Species?

    I am contemplating a pair of ichlids (other than angels) that will get along in my Rena aquarium 380 litre aquarium. They would need to be S American and be able to get along with the current inhabitants. Any suggestions? Thanks :)