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    Suggest Me Some Tankmates!

    I just set up a new tank with 4 cichlids! Im wanting to add some catfish and 1-2 shrimp. So suggest what to add that will go with my cichlids!
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    New Tank Upcoming?!

    I originally was going to get a 20 gallon but decided to get a 55. Im probably geting 1 rainbow shark, 2 pictus catfish, and maybe some silver dollars or some kind of schooler fish that u could recommend. Ive had these even with a full grown oscar before but maybe that was just luck.
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    Fish Ideas?

    Im getting a 30 gal tank for some smaller fish because they wont last a hour in my 250 gallon tank with oscars, bichirs. So what are some good schooling fish/ community fish tank mates? Im defenatly already doing to get some tiger barbs and angle fish. If u could leave pics of your suggestions...
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    Help Me With Ideas For What To Put In My Tank

    I just put my fish in my tank and i only have a rock and two plastic plants. This is why i need ideas for what to put in it and where. I have an idea to put alot of plants on the right for a little forest but idk tell me what you think.I have 2 Oscars, 1 Senegal bichir, and 1 bala shark but ill...
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    Need A Fish For My Tank Asap!

    My question is i need a fish to eat all the waste my fish make and it not being picked on. I have 2 baby oscars around 3.5 inches and a baby senegal bichir around 4 inches and 1 bala shark around 4 inches. They eat alot pellets and make a huge mess of them and spit parts of it out and makes a...
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    Bala Shark Completly White Almost Help!

    I got a new bala shark around 3 days ago and its been acting perfect, eating, and being very active. But i left for one day with no lights on and when i came back to feed him it was completly white almost. I dont know anything about the pH and ammonia levels at the moment. I have a albino oscar...