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    the Lord giveth......

    :rip: I lost a chocolate gourami today.......i just cant seem to keep em.... :sad:
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    whats that?

    So theres this "fuzz" collecting on the leaves of my swords...i do regular water changes...all lvls are i not changing enough water each time?? crazy eh?
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    new fish.....

    just picked up two bumble bee goby...anyone had/has goby? Any advice or personal experience will help....... thanks D
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    looking for love....

    so one of my thick- lipped is trying to build a bubble nest....i dont have the right conditions in the tank for it...but the lil bugger is still trying and hes become very terrortorial of the back corner of the tank. hes also doing a odd dance with one of the other thick-lipped...i assume they...
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    fish for clean driftwood

    any suggestions on a good fish to keep driftwood clean?
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    well one of my flames when he turned up today with what looks like a head injury...where he got it i dont know...its not Ich...doesnt look like a tumor or anything like that...looks like a skin abrasion..... None of the other fish show any signs of sickness....just him and his head...
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    snails in planted tank

    i have noticed my 29 gln has adopted 2 little snails...i have read mixed reaction to keeping them...i dont wanna be inhumane and destroy them...but i dont think i want to house them either....any thoughts?
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    i recently bought a piece of driftwood from a lfs....any tips on how to get the damn thing to sink besides weighting it down...i think i am supposed to let it soak in water till it sinks...any ideas?
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    water change ??'s

    i am having a problem with my water...with a new tank going through a normal cycle w/ the ammonia @ 0 and nitires spiking...i do a daily water change to help the nitrite lvls....... Problem: When i use my own water(treated and tested w/ ammonia:0 / nitrites:0) the nitrite lvls go through the...
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    several of my fish are showing odd behavior signs..... okay....a few of them like to swim pressed aganist the glass on the small side of my tank, near the air bubbler. They swim back and forth like they are trying to get rasbora started it and several of them do it now.... The tank...
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    few questions....

    i made the mistake of cycling my tank w/ fish in ammonia lvls are lowering but my nitrite lvls have spiked!!.....i think its supposed to(right?) and then it will balance?...but i dont want to lose any fish.....AUGH!!...i just had this happen after a water change...i used my own tap...
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    moving a tank

    i have to move my tank across the room..... any suggestions in how to safely do this?? Should i remove 50% or more of the water??...leave the fish in the tank or remove them??...the whole move should take seconds but l would like to do it with the lease amount of stress possible to my 'kids'...
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    salt treatment

    should i use a salt treatment with my new 2 week old 10 gallon tank? if i should when is a good time and how often?(during the new tank cycle..after?) and does anyone know what fish i shouldnt use it with??? thanks....
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    ammonia lvls

    i have a 2 week old 10 gallon tank...according to the instructions all my lvls are safe. i use cycle and the tetra aquasafe water conditioner and have done 2 water changes(2 gallons each).I have a few fish: 1 betta/2 silver black stripped danios/2 other danios(forgot what kind) 1 harlaquin...
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    Just saying hiyas

    I am a new fish owner.... i have a 10 gallon tank that 2 weeks old.... I enjoy the world my fish live in and hope to provide a healthy home...