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    What You Think ?

    Hi all , I currently have a 4ft light glow tank not sure on water capacity , and there is only 2 syno catfish in at the moment and some kuhli loach which my sister purchased at first i thuoght the kuhlis wouldnt last 2 minutes but as i have pipes running in the gravel in the tank they seem to be...
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    Racing Pigeons

    Just As The Title Says Just Curious If Anyone Else Raced Pigeons If So Where ? Would Love To Share Info Etc :)
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    Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish

    Are these fish reef safe and are they hard to care for ??? regards tropicman
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    Christmas Prezzies

    i got a new marine set up ill post link soon :good:
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    Omg Im Doing It

    Hey evryone I had a brain storm and thought what the heck ill gve it a go and sorry Angywg i think this is soo hard lol coming from a fw person the tank i have bought specs shown below dream seawater aquarium dms 400ts dual fan ventilation system t5 lights two white one blue four blue LED...
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    Tree Frogs

    hey everyone as the topic says i need pictures of tree frogs and their habitats as i am getting one when i return from the hols converting the bowfront into a vivarium for the frog so pictures would be appriciated :good: regards tropicman
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    Thinking Of Getting Some More Red Crabs

    hey everyone i used to keep red crabs and they were great until.............. ...................................... I HAD A POWERCUT and my fave crab wih lovely big red claws died but recently i have spotted a tank full at lfs and one that looked identical to the one i had so i may be...
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    Dragon Goby And Freshwater Moray?

    Hey everyone my freshwater moray is coming this week and I was wondering if a dragon Goby would be a suitable tank mate the goby is around 6 inch and my moray which is coming is 20cm (supposidly) just a quick question would they live together ?????? Tropicman
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    Anyone Got A Tropical Pond

    any one got a tropical pond if so please show well interested in these. :good:
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    Weather Loach ?

    quick and easy question can you put weather loach in a pond?
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    I.d Not Mine But Want To Know What It Is

    Hi everyone i found tis picture when browsing through some fishing trips some people have posted on the internet To Malaysia and here is two catfish i really want to know what they are and if they are availible in the uk . :good: and the second
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    Golden Wcmm

    Hi everyone i have got me 8-9 of these little fellas form lgs and i was just wondering if it is easy to breed them or not and what care tey would need for breeding atm there in my bowfront which is sub-tropical until the pond comes along and hopefully gettin some gold danio on mon so help wanted...
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    Tanks Update

    Well here is an update on all the tanks i could spot lol First 5ft fluval light glow My Room Tank My betta and otto tank
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    Thinking Of A Small Pond?

    I am thinking about making a small pond in my side garden for the upcoming heatwave summer(hopefully) well i have an idea of stocking wcmm with live foods mozzie larva and daphnia and hopefully bloodworm and lots of plants :D i.e water lettuce and lilys ideas welcome :good: Just been out to...
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    Best Photography Of Your Fish

    here is where you can post your photography skills here is my best
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    You'l Never Believe It

    One day over the week of constantly hot days iwent fishing for carp and i was walking merrally down the canal bank when i caught a glimse of a little head popping out of the water in the centre of the canal so i turned and had a proper gaze at it and it is then when i noticed that it was a...
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    Moss Balls

    Can Moss balls Live in Coldwater that ismy question to you all :good:
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    Fire-mouth Panchax

    hey everyone i am very interested in these Panchax and was wondering if anyone could give me some information and mabe share some pictures with me and the rest of tff and if anyone has successfully bred them and ave eggs if they are selling them let me know thanks :good: Tropicman
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    Fugu Obscura Puffer Fish

    Hey everyone i was just wondering if anyone had any information on these as we have got some in the shop and when they came i noticed that they were puffing up and i already had a query in my head that i thought when puffers "puffed" it is caused by stress so i was just wondering if i was...
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    ! Post Pics Of Your Wierdist Fish !

    Post Pictures of the wierdist fish you own :good: