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  1. §tudz

    New Ram Colours Morph

    Hey guys, Thought I would post this, its an awesome new colour morph for the Mikrogeophagus ramirezi Lilac Rams!! They also have some new double blue rams, not bad prices either when you look at the prices still being fetch by the electric blues Cheers
  2. §tudz

    Condensation In The Fish House....

    I have recently started patching up MOST of the holes through which I lose heat in my fish house, which has worked great and Ive raised my fish room temp by a good 5+ degrees. But since doing so, I have trapped a lot of moisture in the room too. This is condensing over night on the bottom of the...
  3. §tudz

    Tropical Fish And Dry Goods Auction

    November's Auction Auction Details Date: 25th November 2011 Time: 7pm – 9pm Location: Deeside Community Centre, Tuscan Way, Connah’s Quay, Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 4SA (Please note this is the postcode for the venue, I have checked this, as the scout hut, next door uses it) See on Google Maps...
  4. §tudz

    Hoplosternum Thoracatum Breeding Pair

    This is my F1 breeding pair of Hoplosternum thoracatum, and the BN harem.
  5. §tudz

    How Many Green Terror Fry Can You Fit Into An Envelope?

    Well, If anything the title made you come and look :) A few thousands green terror fry :)
  6. §tudz


    a quick video of my Datnioides microlepis sorting out who biggest and badest :) Datnioides video on youtTube I will be getting a few more when the 8x4x3 is ready
  7. §tudz

    Bristle Nose Wrigglers

    Thought I'd share my quick video... these are just hours old :) view on youtube: Plec wrigglers
  8. §tudz

    Selling Nearly All My Fish

    Due to circumstances outside of my control, I am selling a lot of my fish. TOO MANY FISH TO LAYOUT IN FORM some pics: The Fish Catfish: (prices for each group/shoal) 12x Otocinclus vestitus - dwarf suckermouth catfish - £20 8x...
  9. §tudz

    Is My Cory Tank Over Stocked?

    As it says in the title? I was wondering if my cory tank was a little over stocked: click for lager pic This was a joke btw! I was moving them from one tank to another, I just put them in there while I move the other tank inhabitants to their old tank :)
  10. §tudz

    North Wales Aquarists Society Meeting

    July's Meeting This meeting will have a guest Speaker, Tony from Tony's Angel (some of you met him at the last meeting) He will be talking about building his fish houses and hopefully you will get some good tips to enhance your own OR to even build your own. Please note the meeting may be...
  11. §tudz

    Channa Bleheri

    Hey all, Thought I would share a video of my old Channa bleheri (rainbow snakeheads) I now only have a male and female left from this group as I sold most of them once I got what I think is a pair. My Channa Tank Enjoy!
  12. §tudz

    My Corydoras Tank

    I thought I would share my corydoras tank with you all. Link to Corydoras Tank Video Hope you enjoy it!
  13. §tudz

    Pimelodus Blochii? Possibly...

    hey all, I picked up two new catfish today, which have worked wonders for my tank! they are bold and full of life, the Dat not comes out, and even my two Pimelodus orantus come out, which is great. The spanner barbs just didnt seem to cut it. I have one about 8" and the other maybe 10" here...
  14. §tudz

    North Wales Aquarists Society - June Meeting And Auction Video

    Hi all, We have had out latest event and I also filmed the talks, it was all a great success! Head over to our youtube channel and check out the videos: North Wales Aquarists Society YouTube Videos Cheers
  15. §tudz

    Oh Come On! What Royaly Is This Fish?

    Hey all, Just trying to I'd, my TINY! Royal panaque. I don't know if it's wild or farmed, so have no location details either. Any ideas? My thoughts are L191, dull eyed royal panaque? Click for full size image
  16. §tudz

    3 Rainbow Snakeheads

    Livestock: Rainbow snakeheads (Channa bleheri) Age and condition: sub-adult, great condition. Approximately 4-5" Quantity for sale: 3 Reason for Sale: Surplus to requirement, I bought a group and believe I now have a pair. I believe they are all males Delivery or Collection: NExt Day Delivery...
  17. §tudz

    The Effects Of Almond Leaves

    Hi all, I recently imported almond leaves to go in my A. panduro tank, and after a week I am amazed at the effects. Today I 'fished' out the male and female to give them a once over, making sure everything is ok. And look at the colour differences. These fish are fed mainly on Tetra Prima and...
  18. §tudz

    Difference Between Aequidens Pulcher And Aequidens Rivulatus

    Hi I recently took ownership of a breeding pair of 'blue acara' but looking online I am a little confused as they maybe 'green terrors' not the A. pulcher I was led to believe. This wasnt a purposeful action, but I think possibly a simple mistake. I havent taken any pictures of the two fish...
  19. §tudz

    Channa Bleheri Group Stopped Eating?

    Hey all, My group of snakeheads have been doing really well and grown amazingly over the last few months. They've gone from being little sticks with heads to chunky feisty fish. There was a point until about two weeks ago that I couldn't out my hand in the tank, as they would go for it. But...
  20. §tudz

    Orange & Green Wild Columbian Corydoras

    Hi all, I picked up 15 of these fish today and I am trying to get an ID on them from this video. I dont need an ID on the Brochis (I think they are splendens, possible multuradiatus), Otocinclus or the C. trilineatus just the other corys in the video. In the video they look very dark brown...