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    Adding Females

    hi i'm looking at adding 2 females to my betta tank. is this going to be ok??? and how can i tell wot is fight and wot is like a mating dance lol cheers Daryl
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    Few Questions About Sand.....

    hey, i've just added sand to my tank and didnt really think but can u still use a normal filter??? just got a internal filter. erm also cleaning sand......i've got a gravel cleaner can that be used on sand too?? one more thing :crazy: i have a discus in there too he's a hardy fish, came...
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    Co2 System

    Hey, I have a Hydor CO2 green NRG ( beginner CO2 system) for sale. Just add sugar, yeast and water. Used for Two days until my external filter sprung a leak. (very big mess) not much need for it now. Comes with a Ario turbo diffuser. Box says " Lasts up to 45 Days" £25 ono can post...
  4. D Tank. Essex

    Hey, I'm after a fish tank any size considered. willing to pay and pick up. let me know people. thank you
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    Discus Question

    Hi, I brought my first discus yesterday, after much thought. I got a loverly pigoen blood. I had my eye on him for a while. he had been in one of my local pets shops for about 3 months. When i asked about where he had came from (europe, asia or home breed) they werent sure. But with the fact...
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    hey, I've been keeping fish for a while but have just started to keep shimp as im going for a new direction. the thing is I added 4 shimp (just plain ones) to my tank and after 3 days they have vanished. I have neon's, black neons and 2 siamese flying foxs. could any of these eatten them. many...
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    My New Nano(Ish) Tank

    Hi, i'm new to this to this site so i thought i'd gt stuck in and show u my new tank. I picked the tank up a week ago, £35 came with light, filter and heater. I already have a tank setup but fancyed something a lillte different. tank messures (L)29cm-(W)-23cm(H)-23cm......15L capasity. Got...