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    Model Building I haven't been around for awhile. Been trying to help a couple of model building sites get off the ground. One, doomed to failure, has gone by the way side already. But, the above one is getting up a good head of steam, if anyone's...
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    Interesting Behavior Or Spawning?

    I recently picked up a pair of Rams, German Blues I believe. They have been acting, somewhat, nervous. But, yesterday, I turned the light on to feed them and found a dent in the substrate. I know this is normal convict spawning behavior, but not Rams. Is this normal spawning behavior? I read...
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    The L15s Are Coming

    :hyper: Yeah...I can't wait for them to get here. :) L15s are the candy stripe plecos, BTW. :)
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    Otocinclus Spawning

    Anyone have any? I've been searching the internet, and found a few things, but I can use a lot more. :) and I where I've been hunting for information. But...I'm looking for all of it I can get at this point. Thanks much
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    5 Gallon Tank Ok For Pufferfish?

    My girlfriend wants 2 new tanks for her bettas. She has a 2.5 and a 5 gallon hex. She wants two 5 gallon rectangulars. So....I would like to set up the 5 gallon hex for 1 dwarf pufferfish. I'm not a huge betta fan, and it's her thing, honestly. But, I have always found pufferfish to be very...
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    Breeding Question

    I have 9 barbs: 3 tiger, 3 albino tiger, and 3 green tiger. I'm quite sure that, at least, 1 is a female. But...I'm not particularly worried about babies. If they have them, or if I notice them...I'll seperate the female in a net. If not...oh well. there anything special I should do? I...
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    Feeding Question

    Apparently my tank glass is not as clean as I originally thought, or else Plato, my 4.5 in common pleco, would have starved to death by now, for sure. I have tried everything I can think of, short of physically moving him next to zucchini, cuccumber, and algae wafers. He's also of the habit of...
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    Java Fern /moss?

    Anyone have a good place to get this stuff??? I have tried every LFS in the area, but none have or know where to get it. Some have said that they would try, but....I'm not convinced based upon their past poor performance. Any help on finding a place to get it would be very helpful. :) I've...
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    Guppies, Guppies, Guppies

    I have a pregnant female, I bought her that way. So, now I'm trying to figure ways to make her comfy until the fry arrive, and I have to move stuff. Should the water be a bit salty/brackish? I'm not sure...But, I'm trying to figure stuff out. Any help/web sites/etc would be cool
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    I have some of this clay, which you bake in the oven for awhile. Sculpey It bakes to a very hard finish that you can sand, etc. Has anyone tried this stuff in their tank? I know it's non-toxic, but I'm not sure how it would react with the tank over time.
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    Interesting Reaction Has Led

    to a new term for my crayfish...the jail tank. :( LOL I rescued a 4.5in pleco from Petco on Saturday. I got it home, acclimated to the tank, etc. It starts going to town on my brown algae. Until it got to the crayfish log, and then...the claws came out and my crayfish snapped. :( I rushed around...
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    Crayfish Question

    I have a crayfish (I think he's a red), who is digging to China...ok...trying to dig to China. I'm preparing a 55 gallon tank, and he'll be it's firsst inhabitant, since I think..........(Here's the question) he needs to molt again. Is that right? He's never dug before, so the new mannerism is...
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    Greetings From The Frozen Tundra

    Hello. :) Just found the site and thought I would sign up. :) I have a 10 gallon tank, soon to be a 55 gallon with 20 gallon sump. :) Originally, it was supposed to be a marine tank, but with my little family of tiger barbs growing, a phantom tetra getting bigger, and a crayfish running around...