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    Top 5 fish you've kept???

    1. Bolivian ram 2. Opaline gourami 3. Pearl gourami 4. Vampire shrimp (not a fish obviously) 5. Dojo loach
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    Cichlid eggs??

    What else is in the tank? Are you sure a nerite didn't hitchhike in? Is the wood new or old?
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    Cichlid eggs??

    No. Looks to be nerite snail eggs.
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    Shrimp Behaviour

    Sounds like the behaviour my vampires display when stressed. Even then they don't fall to their back. I'd check your parameters, make sure they are getting enough food (micro, powdered foods not large foods) and that nobody is bothering them.
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    Thailand Betta

    Personally I like the one at 0:25 and the yellow one at 0:43. But that doesn't mean those are the ones for you, get the one you like.
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    Can you id the this pleco

    How big is it then? The markings are exactly as they should be for Pterygoplichthys joselimaianus, L001.
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    Meet Ruby

    Its a red racer nerite.
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    Neon Tetras .VS. Cardinal Tetras.

    Interesting that you find they grow better in warm water. They usually prefer cooler waters than you have. The danio (if its still in there) and neons would also like cooler waters, as others pointed out. I had a lone leopard danio (same species as zebra) that an employee added to my bag of...
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    Active .vs. Non active members?

    I don't see how its hard to see why people aren't very active. Not every can, or wants to, spend their time typing away on a forum. Its hardly what many would consider a fun past-time. I'm quite active on another forum where things are quite different than over here. Both in terms of activity...
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    Adult amano with neocaridina ???

    Bloodworms are great to feed shrimp at times. The protein is great for them, especially when it comes to breeding. Amano larvae won't survive in freshwater of course. Veggies are also great to feed.
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    Help! Goldfish back scales

    No. A filter won't cause dropsy. A sick fish will sometimes lie against a filter. But did you say you turned the filter off for a night? That would mean your water wasn't being filtered and the bacteria in the filter didn't have the water flowing over them. Either way, I've never had a fish...
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    Help! Goldfish back scales

    Not looking good. He looks to have dropsy. It isn't a disease, but its the result of another underlying issue that has caused some pretty bad damage internally. Bacterial infections usually cause it and he may have had a compromised immune system due to stress/bad water quality etc. Its nearly...
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    Unknown Snail?

    Not a pond snail. A bladder snail. If it was a pond snail (Lymnaea sp), it would have a right turned shell and the tentacles would be thick. This is a bladder (Physella acuta). Left turned shell and skinny tentacles. I quite like them. As long as you don't overfeed you won't have too many.
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    Adult amano with neocaridina ???

    Its ghost shrimp that Machrobrachium look similar to, not amano shrimp. Amanos are scavengers, so they shouldn't be capable of catching and eating a healthy neo. But they will snatch one if its on the way out. I've had them together and they do great. Amanos can be a bit bossy at times though...
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    Pearl Gourami Columnaris??

    Okay, so this is getting pretty weird. I did the initial treatment and it seemed to work out. He looked great and he was behaving like himself again. However every now and then this will set back in again. It will get pretty bad for a day or two, then begin to recede to the point that its barely...
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    New 36 gal bowfin

    They don't need a temperature of 79. Thats on the high end for some of them. Neons and corys specifically would ideally be kept cooler than 79.
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    New 36 gal bowfin

    I would definitely say that Bolivians are a better option for your tank, though I would turn down the temp a bit. Your fish don't need it that high and some would prefer it cooler. With that said, I wouldn't recommend for you to get more fish. You seem pretty over stocked as it is.
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    The cult of "DIY KING". Just bizarre.

    He definitely has a bad past. No denying that. But I think the fact that he served his time and has since tried to turn his life around says something. The past is the past, people can turn their lives around. One of my favourite actors, Jon Bernthal, nearly killed a man. Then he decided that...
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    The cult of "DIY KING". Just bizarre.

    I'm pretty sure it was more like 2-3000 dollars! Which is pretty crazy in and of itself. Unfortunately, part of the arowana hobby is that the chance of dying from a jump is very high. Even with a lid, they can jump through it or damage themselves when they jump into it. One of the reasons I'll...
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    The cult of "DIY KING". Just bizarre.

    There was a lid on the tank. it jumped through it. He's had aros for 10+ years I believe, so he's well aware. Again I haven't watched all his vids, but I haven't noticed a lot of them dying. I've seen some die in heat waves, through jumping in the case of the aro and one other fish. I have only...