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    Tiny Organisms in Shrimp Tank

    I had detritus worms everywhere in my shrimp tank. Yes I was overfeeding but most of them seem to be gone now. Since that happaned I started observing the tank more closely and I noticed tiny white jumpy organisms. Its impossible to take a good photo of them cause the camera wont focus and...
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    Amano shrimp turning milky?

    I have around 15 amano shrimp and I had them for over half a year now (could be almost a year) Around a week or two ago I noticed that one shrimp turned milky. What is it and what should I do? Water parameters have not changed during this time. Dont remember the exact numbers but everyting is...
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    Fish Dissapearing

    So I have 90l tank. i have a Betta, 15 tetras and around 15 amano shrimp I also had 6 otos and thats where I have a problem I got them before xmad not sure exactly when. One has died around January but before that 2 of them dissapeared. After that I was left with 3. Today while cleaning the...
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    How should I set up my shrimp tank?

    I bought Dennerle Nano Cube 30l The dimensions are 30x30x35xm I am planning to make it into a shrimp tank. I have nothing ready for it I just have the tank and I'm looking for ideas for it. I know it has to be cycled and stuff but that will come after everything is set up. I have a heater and...
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    Nano Shrimp Aquarium

    I am planning to buy Dennerle NanoCube for my shrimp - Different grades of red cherry. It is 30x30x35 cm and the one I have now is 20x20x20cm And I have few questions: 1. Will there be easier to maintain the bigger tank? (when cleaning the one now I take out half of the water before the gravel...
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    Shrimp Dying

    Hi So I have a 10l aquarium and I started out with 18 shrimp 6 Red Cherrry 6 Bloody Mary 6 Fire Red Sakura pH is around 7 Temperature between 22-25°C Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate 0 KH 8 GH - unknown might be too low So I had the tank cycled for about a month before adding the shrimp. I had...