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    Tank Leaking (Then Suddenly Not)?

    The fact that the "leak" stopped when you lowered the water level suggets to me that it could be a seam that's leaking, and lowering the water level relieved the water pressure on the seam, thus closing the seam up again.
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    Possible Leak - What Next?

    If the tank is less than 6 weeks old then it most certainly is taking it back to the vendor (who's not necessarily the manufacturer) for a replacement., Under the sale of goods act the item must be fit for the purpose it was made for, in this instance to hold water and livestock, and this...
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    Moving Ahead

    We seem to be a long way from the policy of "total transparancy" that Ludwig referred to in his recent appeal for mod nominations. Unless and until an acceptable explanation is offered to the question posed (and deleted)repeatedly by BigC, this will rumble on and on, to the detriment of the forum.
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    Moving Ahead

    A small step in the right direction, but I fear the damage has been done and the site can never again be what it was.
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    Homemade Tank

    If the glass is tempered (toughened) then you can't cut it to size. In the UK, tank builders generally don't use this type of glass for aquarium use, mainly because, unlike float glass, it doesn't flex, and has a nasty habit of exploding under stress.
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    Broken Tank! Repairable?

    Best thing to do is bin it, especially as ytou don't really need it. To repair it properly means replacing at least 2 of the panels, and it's not really worth the bother.
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    Aquarium Safe Silicone?

    If it doesn't say "suitable for aquatic use" on the tube, don't buy it. It needs to be high modulus, not low modulus.
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    I'm The Biggest Idiot Ever

    Unless the silicone you used stated that it was suitable for aquatic use, you're likely to have problems. Normally so-called all-purpose sealant has anti-fungas ingredients in it, which makes it unsafe for aquatic use, and is probably water resistant as opposed to water proof.
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    Fish Tank With Cracked Glass

    What is the glass thickness?
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    Diy A Tank

    Iron or steel-framed tanks went out of fashion in the UK in 1970's with the introduction of silicone sealant. Contrary to popular belief, new silicone WILL stick to silicone that has already cured, this is just one of several old wives tales relating to tank construction.
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    Tank Emergency!

    Yes, it can be replaced, although it may be better long-term to replace the tank. I would try to find why the base broke to avoid a repeat. Was the tank stand level, did it sit on polystyrene or was there something between the base of the tank and the stand (a bit of gravel, for instance)?
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    Tank Emergency!

    So what's the question then? You either need to replace the base of the tank or buy a new one.
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    You Occupation Or Vocation

    I've been an aquarium mauufacturer since 1975, but presently spend more time on holiday thn I do building tanks.
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    Light Scratchs

    Without wishing in any way to add to your disappointment, I have to say that over the last 30-odd years I've tried most of the available so-called scratch removal products on the market and have yet to find one that actually removes scratches.At best they make them less obvious, and at worst the...
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    Sprung A Leak

    What size is the tank? I ask because you mention it has no bracing across the centre, and the pressure on the silicone is probably caused by the lack of bracing. Re-sealing the seam won't cure the problem as the water is between the 2 glass surfaces, it really needs the panel removing and...
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    Tank Crack!

    If the tank is 24in high it should be in 10mm glass, and therefore the repair piece should also be 10mm. The best option is to replace the base completely, not too difficult a job. Plating the inside with a smaller piece will not necessarily prevent the crack spreading; even moving it as it is...
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    Tank Repair Help - Urgent!

    I would have thought that the immediate task would be to replace the centre support somehow; leaving the cover-glasses is a sensible idea to relieve the weight issue, but I would contact the supplier immediately and get a replacement strip fitted.
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    What Kind Of Silicon Can I Use To Redo A Tank

    It needs to be high modulus silicon, not low modulus, which is generally used for sealing around bath tops, etc. Easily available from most aquatic outlets.
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    The 24 hour wait is to allow the silicon to cure; it doesn't matter whether you're repairing a crack or fitting in a filter box, the curing time is the same. Be patient and wait the extra few hours.
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    Suggestions For Removing Paint From Aquarium Glass.

    The danger is that if you use a product that softens or disolves the paint, it could well do the same to the silicon. The safest way is to scrape it off.