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    WHAT is this

    Cycling a 10G and never had any fish in there. Just did a water test and all parameters came out perfect so did a 50% water change and immediately noticed these. Water comes from a 30 gal brute trash can that is in the house and always has a lid on it. It was a new can and has never been used...
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    125G leak test to corals

    And so it begins. Picked up a used 125G all glass tank today off of Craigslist for $75. Was covered in corraline and green algae so did the usual scraping when it comes to a used tank and now I have started filling with a 1/2C to 1G vinegar mixture to let it soak and get any minor spots I...
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    Ask Questions About Cycling

    I'm sure it's been answered and I read close to a third of the posts already, but... I'm consistently getting 0-.25 reading on a liquid test kit for ammonia (one day 0 the next .25 or less) and my nitrite are either at 5 or higher (test only reads to 5). Im pretty sure i remember back when I was...
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    Tire Track Eel, Elephant Nose Tankmates

    Mollies actually could supply a steady supply of natural feeders to your eel..... since you don't like them.... sarcasm, no one rip me a new one.
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    Past and present

    Past projects and current. 50G cube planted and stock in it: 29G show tank at startup... wish I had final pics before I took it down on this phone: Current tank... 55G hexagon is attached as files because they are currently on phone not photobucket
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    Top water acting strange

    Well I kept water temps at 78-80... probably close to the C temp you mentioned. Treated water 2nd time after 48 hours after coming home around 7pm to find the cysts... "spots"... coming off. Knew the ich was hitting it's susceptible life stage when it goes into swarm. Left to go help a coworker...
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    Top water acting strange

    I've got 5 gourami in a newly cycled tank and today I came home to my gold male sticking to top water just under my filter. Tank is moderately planted and water parameters are fine. Did notice a few white spots on him yesterday (monday) and it's definitely ich so I'm treating the tank, but have...
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    New here

    New here, but not to aquariums. Just starting a new tank up since I've moved and have a few questions as well as just looking for a place for answers and advice along the way. In the past I've had a 29G tall planted show tank, a 50 cube planted, a 50 long freshwater, and a 125 reef tank. I've...