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    Do not have internet,,,lol I have a stunning Liosomodoras oncinus. also a Bagrichthys macracanthus which i managed to them for £40 the two... there around 6inches....The jaguar looks stunning with the dim lighting on my tank, with my pink tilapia common plec,green flier cichlid...
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    Nellys Got Some New Stuff

    Paisley and chica....Paisley is nine months old and very laid back, looooves cuddles.... Chica is five months and very energetic....There a present for my wifes Birthday, hope she likes, shes in London working for a couple of weeks., :lol: Little suprise, she has noooo idea, just being talking...
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    Green Flier Cichlid Eggs

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    Oscar With Eggz

    Although eggs look white in picture they were more the tea'ish colour, strange how they came out on camera like that...I caught the catfish munching the eggs, evil boy..hehe...there all gone now :angry:
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    How Cool
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    Got To Get Me One Of These;fs=1&autoplay=1
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    Got My First New Tank Mates

    Bottom two... :D Obviously the True festae in picture would have been welcome too :lol: There in a quarantine tank at present
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    What Are You Thoughts

    Not my tank, just like how it looks, its got a secret
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    Who's Going?
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    A Minnesota couple decided to vacation to Florida during the winter. They planned to stay at the very same hotel where they spent their honeymoon 20 years earlier. Because of hectic schedules, it was difficult to coordinate their travel schedules. So, the husband left Minnesota and flew to...
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    Bit Late...hehe Bournemouth Air Festival

    Start of show it was raining awful, by midday cloud went and it was baking hot This was the moment the Helicoptor came and collected the pilots wife and the Manager of the Red Arrows
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    Best Of British...taken On That Fateful Day

    I was at the show where Flt Lt Jon Egging took his last and greatest flight, this was an amazing show, enjoyed by Every single person on that beach, My parents had decided to stay at home, where they live in Throop village, they insisted when the Red Arrows finish there display i phone them to...
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    Brace Yourselve's For Another Freezing Winter
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    Lfs Selling These

    Always been intrested in these Beautys, obviously a large tank is needed and good aeration and filtration and current, with sub tropical conditions, a snip at £99 pounds each :crazy: If anyone is intrested and in the UK, the shop is in Romsey Hampshire
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    Agressive Fish :blink:
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    Happy Birthday

    :lol: caz...... :shifty: Hope you have a Wonderful day, many happy returns, enjoy to the fullest...
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    Rock In Rio

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    Funny Video's
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    Am I Overstocked?

    Think i might be pushing it