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  1. shelaghfishface

    Marine Coral Books For Sale X2

    Eric boreman coral husbandry Richard calfo coral propagation Both as new! Both books are very heavy so I suggest if you're not able to collect from the Cardiff area then you arrange a courier Open to SENSIBLE offers... Cost £35 each Shelagh
  2. shelaghfishface

    Dating Site Now ? (lol)

    haven't been on for a while and in my profile there a msg ( on the wall) from someone called Agatha...looking for love?? Haha, c'mon in old n single but not that desperate Shelagh xxx PS. Can someone remove it as I only have my phone for internet access and can't see the option x
  3. shelaghfishface

    This Had Me In Stitches!

    hope it makes you laugh Mod Note from Bignose: Link does have some adult language
  4. shelaghfishface

    Is Anyone Watching Prisoners Families?

    i am fuming!!!!!!!!!!!!! that family are moaning as they have to leave there house ( huge bloody thing) as the father is in nick for a£53 million pound pension fraud heart bleeds!!! my son ust asked will the councill give them a home? ( well the church have donated huge loads of coal for...
  5. shelaghfishface

    Any Mechanics Here?

    my beloved ( 94 M reg golf gti) is driving me insane. she was quiet as a mouse before the head gasket done! now theres a noise that is driving me nuts! when i rev'd over 2k it rattled and vibrated...and sounded awful when driving, got it up on the ramps and found such an easy fix... the heat...
  6. shelaghfishface

    Tho Voice, Britains Got Talent..........

    sat in my pj's still munching easter eggs...the remote is over the other side of the room so im trapped under my laptop and being forced to watch this....err rubbish, its on every flippin channel every time i sit to look at the facebook is full of keys and a phone from britans got...
  7. shelaghfishface

    Mrs Browns Boys!

    have decided to treat myself and make an effort to go and see 'her' there are words for people that laugh the way i do when i watch the programme, and the dvds' over and over cant wait for series 2 to be released so anyone have any idea how i go about finding when and where? ticketmaster is...
  8. shelaghfishface

    Dream Tank....

    yeah i know its been asked a gazillion times... but that was before i watched 'real housewives of orange county' :lol: the tank was about 15ftx6ft approx, it had a blue back ground and was filled with only jelly fish! ( no clutter) was so peaceful and elegant will see if i can find a pic to...
  9. shelaghfishface

    Dog Training Tip Please

    my boxer Bambi thinks nothing of jumping up at the back door and opening it 2 mins after i put her out... Rocky the shar-pei is 2 foot shorter so cant reach but has started scratching the [wooden] door ( Its not just the noise tho thats major.. all the heat goes out when the door is left...
  10. shelaghfishface

    Help Needed With Boxer Pup Skin Condition

    hia :) this is Bambi ( the boxer) weve had her 2 weeks shes 7 months.. was in perfect health when i brought her home, up to date with vacs, fleas and worming treatments- with paperwork to prove. anyway long story short since shes been here ive shampooed the carpets ( boy can these 2 drag some...
  11. shelaghfishface

    Ludwig Help!

    ok.. i idid it again.. the frontal pic looked fine...its a boxer that looks like a greyhound! shes home tho and shes safe now.. she will eat ( the best) food by bucket fulls.. we did get to a point where she wasnt hungry.. shocking lol.. shes healthy!! full fat ideas xxxxxxxxxxx will add pics...
  12. shelaghfishface

    Just Out Of Interest.. Is There Any Part Of This Forum That U Avoid?

    for me it has to be the marine section.. and SA cichlids are the 2nd that i tryyy to avoid :lol: reasons: i spent soo much on this ( and i dont mean just ££) and secondly.. i cant leave an oscar behind .. my fave pet in the world, and im currently without :( so what it is that you just...
  13. shelaghfishface

    Anyone In South Wales Seen Any Veil Tails For Sale?

    asking for a mate, he cant seem to find one and the poor boy is getting desperate :lol: ( thats veil tail oscar)
  14. shelaghfishface

    2 X Marine Reef Keeper 'bibles'

    Livestock/Equipment make-model-size/Wanted/Exchange/Plants: coral husbandry ( Eric Boreman) and Coral propogation (Richard Calfo) Age and condition: read but beautiful condition Quantity for sale: 1 of each Reason for Sale: no longer needed Delivery or Collection: collection only Sales price...
  15. shelaghfishface

    4Ft Complete Setup For Sale

    Equipment make-model-size ... 4ft tank, complete Age and condition: used, but excellent, hood needs minor repair Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: none Delivery or Collection:collection Sales price:220ono Postage & Packaging: Location:BARRY south wales Photograph: comes complete with fish...
  16. shelaghfishface

    Budgies (Sp)

    have just aquired two ( not out of choice) with huge cage and a bag full of stuff.. oh and some sandpaper theres trays in there little scoop pot things.. whats supposed to go in them.. and what sort of water bottle do they need ( one like a rabbit??) theres not one! have a bag of stuff that...
  17. shelaghfishface

    2 External Filters For Sale And 1 Fluval 4+

    Equipment make/model/size: eheim classic 2217 Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: no longer needed as im giving up fishkeeping Delivery or Collection: either Sales price: sensible offers Postage & Packaging: ( at buyers expense or feel free to arrange your own courier) Location: barry, south...
  18. shelaghfishface

    My Beautiful Boy Rocky

    was a b loody nightmare when we first had him, ( just a few weeks ago) lots of convincing him hes a dog and not a human, lots of late night pub garden calls ( all in the cause..socialising) and hes become a dream, hes 8 months old and we are gonna grow old together x ROCKY
  19. shelaghfishface

    Need A Driver But No Idea Which One :(

    gone to upload some pics and my pc wont recognise the camera.. no idea where the disk has gone.. have looked on canon driver pages, but can only find 'updates' which is no good as i dont have a driver to start with :( anyone, please? shelagh xx
  20. shelaghfishface

    Shar Pei

    we've just got ourselves a beautiful 8 months old boy.. in his former home ( shar pei breeder) he was bullied by her main stud dog so had to be rehomed.. hes now understandably a bit nervous. these dogs are known for there strong stubborn attitude and ill call it arrogance, but there must be a...