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    Smoothie Recipes.

    Any 1 got any nice Smoothie recipies?.
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    Kath And Kim

    Hellooooooo, Has any one seen Kath and Kim?, "Kimmie Look at moi" :lol:
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    Has Any One Got A Good Cookie Recipe?.

    Any 1 got any good Cookie Recipe's?, With stuff ill have in the house already, Thanks. Karen.
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    Has Any 1 Seen The Hills Have Eyes What Do You Think Of It?.

    Hello i have seen the hills have eyes, What do you think of it?. I think its like a few films i have seen already like Dead end (think it was that 1). Let me no what you all think, Karen.
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    Home And Away

    Does any one watch home and away?. I never used to but past few months i have found it good well it passes the time between richard and judy and Hollyoaks :lol:. Karen.
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    Best Green Day Album?.

    Whats your best Green Day Album?. Also whats your best Green Day Song?. Karen.
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    Thank you to every one who voted for Gizmo :hooray: .
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    Do U Think Your Dog Looks Like You?.

    Just wondering if its true wht ppl say dogs look like there owners?. Post pics plz. Karen.
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    Platies Gills Lookes Swollen

    Hello just looked in on my tank now and it looks like one of my platies gills are swollen (Can't be sure tho might just be the way im looking at her) Any idears wht this could be and how to treat it if she has got it. Karen.
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    Fave Mtv Show?.

    Whats ur fave MTV show?. I like watchin meet the barkers, Hogan no's best, sweet 16 and newley weds (finished i no).
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    Making Web Site.

    Im makin web site, Does any 1 any good sites to go on 4 idears or places to get stuff off?. Karen.
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    What's Your Claim To Fame?.

    Whats your claim to fame?. :drink: Karen
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    Whats Your All Time Fav Rock Song?.

    Whats your all time fav ROCK song?. I miss you Blink 182 Smells like teen spirit Nivarna Karen :thumbs:
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    Platie Hurt Badley By Betta

    Went to feed m fish today and noticed Elmo had been hurt really bad his tail fins are almost torn off and his body has been crushed but the lil fighter is still swiming found fine, What would you advise me to do to help Elmo get better, Btw my Betta bux has been rehoused to Sister in laws...
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    Does Any One Do Scrapbooking?.

    Does any one do scrapbooking?. Karen.
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    I Have Fry!.

    I have fry :D. :drink: drinks on me folks Karen.
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    Platie Had One Fry About 2 Weeks Ago And Havent Seen No More.

    Do you think she still looks preggers?.
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    Betta Tail Lookes A Lil Ripped

    Hello just looked at my betta Bux then and his tail lookes a lil ripped, what should i do to restore it?. Karen.
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    When's The Final Of Potm?

    When's The Final Of Potm? Thanks, Karen.