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  1. Craytastic

    What Kind Of Fish?

    Hey guys I'm back! Moving is such a hastle. Anyway, I was just wondering what kind of fish can live without an air stone? Like in a bowl? I know some will say "its cruel and you should not keep fish in a bowl because it stunts their growth" and other things like that, however the bowl I'm...
  2. Craytastic

    Multi Tank Stand?

    Hey guys! Does anyone own, or has anyone built a stand that holds more thank one tank? I wont have alot of room for more than one stand in my bedroom, and if I am to own multiple crayfish then.....yeah. I'll need a few tanks. Thankyou!
  3. Craytastic

    Hello Fellow Fishy Friends! :)

    Hello!   I'm new here kinda obvious because I wouldn't be posting here introducing myself if i was not new.........   Anywho I don't have any aquatic friends as of yet, but I'm moving fairly soon and would rather not have to transport a tank (or two) as well as stress the animals out...