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  1. Corykeeper

    Catfish Dying

    Over the past week I have had 2 brand new emerald cories die and a bushynose pleco die. they all were acting normally until I come back from classes to see them keel over. all the other fish seem relatively unaffected. The bushynose also died in a separate tank, both tanks have good water...
  2. Corykeeper

    Bolivian Rams Going Up And Down Tank Walls

    I just got 2 bolivian rams from a reputable dealer and now they are swimming up and down the tank walls for hours. If anyone has any experience with this I am really just curious.
  3. Corykeeper

    August 2013 - Tank Of The Month Winner

    I love the tank especially the path, what substrate do you use?
  4. Corykeeper

    Farlowella As An Algae Eater

    I have a planted tank that is full of green hair algae and I am curious as to whether a Farlowella will help fix it or will it do more damage than good? After it cleans up the tank I am putting it into a 29 gallon community tank with an angelfish and a few different species of catfish, and will...
  5. Corykeeper

    Is This Setup Suitable For Shrimp?

    that sounds great try investing in some grass or moss they tend to like that.
  6. Corykeeper

    Neon Tetras: Can't Figure Out What They Have

      I agree this sounds like Neon Tetra Disease, a buddy of mine got it and all of his neons died within a two week period. As far as I know there isn't a cure for it besides euthanization. 
  7. Corykeeper


    I am in college and In a month I am heading 8 hours home I have a 29 gallon and a 10 gallon puffer tank that I have to transport. The 29 gallon has 3 cory cats, 1 large angelfish, 3 glass catfish, 1 pleco, and a pictus. the puffer is a figure 8 puffer. How would you guys suggest taking them home?
  8. Corykeeper


    The original intent was purely scientific, as the quote above says they were trying to find pollutants in waterways. the glofish would glow if there weren't any pollutants so that they are an easy indicator for scientists and so that wild fish could find them easier and eat them, thus preventing...
  9. Corykeeper

    Are You A ' Fish Counter ' ?

    I do it every now and again especially if I haven't seen on or two of them in a while.
  10. Corykeeper

    Cory Cat Disease

    I have had him for four months now and the only thing that has changed is that every now and again I will give them Hikari frozen blood worms and have been treating the tank preemptively for ich due to a friend cross contaminating by accident, there wasn't an outbreak and I just stopped...
  11. Corykeeper

    Cory Cat Disease

    Hey my cory cat has this big white tumorous thing and I am not sure what it is I am thinking that it is a lymphocyte but I am just not sure. It is currently in quarantine just in case.
  12. Corykeeper


    I am new to this forum and I would like to learn as much as I can from others experiance and hopefully be a beneficial member to this forum in any way that I am able.