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  1. Corykeeper

    Catfish Dying

    Over the past week I have had 2 brand new emerald cories die and a bushynose pleco die. they all were acting normally until I come back from classes to see them keel over. all the other fish seem relatively unaffected. The bushynose also died in a separate tank, both tanks have good water...
  2. Corykeeper

    Bolivian Rams Going Up And Down Tank Walls

    I just got 2 bolivian rams from a reputable dealer and now they are swimming up and down the tank walls for hours. If anyone has any experience with this I am really just curious.
  3. Corykeeper

    Farlowella As An Algae Eater

    I have a planted tank that is full of green hair algae and I am curious as to whether a Farlowella will help fix it or will it do more damage than good? After it cleans up the tank I am putting it into a 29 gallon community tank with an angelfish and a few different species of catfish, and will...
  4. Corykeeper


    I am in college and In a month I am heading 8 hours home I have a 29 gallon and a 10 gallon puffer tank that I have to transport. The 29 gallon has 3 cory cats, 1 large angelfish, 3 glass catfish, 1 pleco, and a pictus. the puffer is a figure 8 puffer. How would you guys suggest taking them home?
  5. Corykeeper

    Cory Cat Disease

    Hey my cory cat has this big white tumorous thing and I am not sure what it is I am thinking that it is a lymphocyte but I am just not sure. It is currently in quarantine just in case.
  6. Corykeeper


    I am new to this forum and I would like to learn as much as I can from others experiance and hopefully be a beneficial member to this forum in any way that I am able.