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    Best Books to Learn about Bolivian Rams

    First of all, I have no idea where I should put this thread, or if anyone here will have an answer for this question. Anyway, I have certain fish that I would like to get to know much better than I do. I already know quite a bit about Bolivian rams, but I would be interested in any books that...
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    Oscar and Bichir Stocking

    One day I hope to have a 150g tank, 72 x 18 x 28 I believe. How would any of the following fish do with an oscar (one or two better?) and a senegal bichir. Not all at once obviously, just trying to gauge what fish would be compatible. I'm not looking to have the tank packed with too many fish...
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    Dwarf cichlid numbers - 55 gallon

    How many dwarf cichlids would you say can be housed in a 55g tank? Specifically Bolivian rams and Apistogramma hongsloi (or another species if needs be).
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    Pearl Gourami Columnaris??

    Hey guys! First of all I'd like to make it clear that I'm not new to the hobby and I'm well aware of cycling, water parameters and so on. However over my time owning fish I've encountered very little problems. Which is why I'm unsure as to what is happening with my Pearl Gourami. I'm thinking...
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    Red Oscar Substrate Colour

    Just to clarify before I ask, I'm likely not actually getting an oscar. I have the opportunity to get a 150 gallon tank - not sure if I'll actually go for it. Basically I would still like to ask about this as I am going to get a red oscar one day even if not soon. In your opinion would a dark...