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  1. nick87

    Peacock Moss - Nice Green And Very Healthy - More Available 09/03/12

    i'll take 2 for £5 if there is any left :)
  2. nick87

    Wanted: Java/christmas Tree Moss

    Hi all, looking for some mosses for my 6 gallon tank, anything easy to grow considered really :)
  3. nick87

    Deltec Mce 600 Skimmer

    Hi mate, £80-100 is more the going rate depending on the condition.
  4. nick87

    Deltec Mce 600 Skimmer

    Skimmer still for sale and if so how much?
  5. nick87

    Research Resources

    Simon garratt is a very knowledgeable chap and the reef eden site is very good. As mentioned above, wetwebmedia is an absolute gold mine of information and the second place i vist if i need to know something (After this forum of course :))
  6. nick87

    Keeping Invertebrates?

    Jawfish are great fish but require a little more care, they need a sand bed of atleast 4in deep, preferably 6in. The urchin should be fine, you'll be suprised how much algae grows in a tank.
  7. nick87

    T5 Ballasts, Wiring Ect

    I have 2 osram quicktronic dimmable 3x 24W ballasts, loads of wire, end caps and bulb clips for sale All you would need is 6 tubes and a something to hold it all together. No idea on it's worth so make me an offer (within reason) and i'll prob say yes.
  8. nick87

    3 X Koralia Nano's

    They are the 900lph models, but as said i have modded them to get more flow
  9. nick87

    3 X Koralia Nano's

    I have 3 modded koralia nano's for sale, i have removed some of the grill for increased flow. Looking for £25 plus p+p
  10. nick87

    Want An Anemone

    I'd agree with seffie, aslong as all parameters are spot on and powerheads covered the lighting should be ok. With regards to them moving around and not getting enough light, they generally find them most suitable spot and won't settle unless happy.
  11. nick87

    Emergency! Suicidal Anenome

    Unfortunatley filter intakes/power heads and anemones don't mix. The reason it is moving around is because it is not happy and is tryin to find a suitable spot in your tank, the only way to stop it is to provide the right conditions. What lighting are you using, what filtration method and what...
  12. nick87


    What tube is it, t5 or t8? As you only have one i'd go for something like a 14000k bulb, that will give you a nice blue look.
  13. nick87

    Where Can I Get Sand From For My Marine Tank...?

    Try aquarist classifieds to see if any one local is selling any LR. As mentioned any agronite san is fine, just look in your lfs.
  14. nick87

    What's Your Preference? Bare Bottom Or Sand?

    I have always had sand in my tanks, except my current one. It was never planned, i changed over tanks and never got around to putting sand in, it is so much easier to maintain, i have loads of nice flow all around and no detrius build up.
  15. nick87

    Saltwater Digital Tester

    Unless your going to buy a lab grade multitester (Big money) then seperates are the way to go. I would advise you go for a well know and reliable brand, hanna instruments and pinpoint monitors are 2 of the best.
  16. nick87


    I wouldn't use it, but aslong as it's distilled water it should be ok. Your probally best just to get some ro water from your lfs. Nick
  17. nick87

    Blue Ringed Octopus

    No one has complained about it being a wild animal? People are just concerned that he is keeping one of the most deadly animals on the planet in his living room. Your right, there are not many reported cases of deaths by blue rings, most likley because there aren't many people mad enough to...
  18. nick87

    Newbie Starting Up A Marine Tank

    The bigger the better really, for a pair of clowns i would say 30 gallons minimum. Nick
  19. nick87

    Another Newbie

    Answered above thread :)
  20. nick87

    Newbie Starting Up A Marine Tank

    It's a very small tank to start with and is going to be hard to keep the parameters stable. And sorry to say it's to small for a pair of clowns and anemones are expert only. In a tank of this size your only going to be able to keep a very tiny goby (possibly) and inverts. Nick